Sunday, 30 November 2008

Prada Fondazione's Double Club

A new bar / restaurant / art installation / club with a revolving dance floor which is ten minutes away from my house, charges no admission fee and is owned by one of the most famous fashion brands around? Count me in. The Double Club launched last week. It’s located in a Victorian warehouse just behind Angel station and will stay as it is for six months only.

The idea for the club was conceived by artist Carsten Höller (who was responsible for the slides in the Tate Modern) and was supported by Fondazione Prada, Miuccia’s company’s art foundation.

Venturing inside this multi-purpose haven, I was pleased but slightly surprised to find the club to be rather small-worryingly, the bar (let’s face it a key concern of the night, art or otherwise!) ostensibly a set of mini-fridge’s manned by a lone barman. Thankfully, we decided to go exploring and discovered a large bar area in the very next room. And the western and Congolese restaurant. And lots of art. AND the best Mojito I have ever sampled (and I am someone who has sampled quite a few over the years!). This club is something of an anomaly in London-it feels exclusive, a mixed and (mostly!) pleasant crowd enjoy it and it makes you feel cultured no matter how many mojitos you glug.

Failings? It’s temporary and far too close to home-I need my wages for rent, not mojitos!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Amazing Baby Play The Lexington

Common sense equation: When half of the journalists at the NME say that a band is good, it usually is. When you turn up for a gig and they're all there on a Monday night in support, you know that something is probably very good. Amazing Baby lived up to the hype-a fantastic band with an exciting, genuine vibe. Think of a rockier MGMT and you're on the way there.

The band's support act, Stricken City appealed to my current favour of female vocalists like Regina Spector. I actually style-stalked their lead singer in the loos long before the gig began! Enjoy the pictures below.

They were amazing, oh baby.

Stricken City's lead vocalist, Rebekah Raa and her great shoes!

Some men's fashion for a change! This cool T-shirt is from San Francisco. Loving that layering too.

Prada Launch

I've had a Prada LG phone for about a year now. Our relationship began badly: my general cack-handedness was no match for his sleek buttons and sensitive nature. Just as we have begun to accept each other's differences, a new, sexier model had caught my eye: and he had a querty. So dirty.

The Prada launch party last night seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what this new boy was all about. As far as I could see, it looks good-the addition of the keyboard with change the lives of unfortunate chubby-fingered girls like myself. There's a camera too and it is 5m AF. I think this means it is a good one. The thing that really caught my eye was the matching watch-I love a good accessory. As well as looking fairly cool, the watch is connected to the mobile so that if someone texts your mobile, you can read on your wrist. I don't actually understand what the point of this is though-do some people sometimes detach themselves from their handset? I certainly do not.

I might be flighty but as I have only (barely) got to grips with touch-screen texting I may just stick with the familiar. For now...

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Hot Chip at Brixton Academy

The last time I saw Hot Chip perform was in Mulberry's New Bond Street store during London Fashion Week. Last night I witnessed their magic at the slightly more conventional venue of Brixton Academy. As expected, recent hits 'Over and Over' and 'Ready for the Floor' (from albums 'The Warning' and 'Made in the Dark') were met with uproar. The band also performed some calmer new tracks and a gorgeous version of Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2u'.

Before ending the set, the electro-pop band released massive balloons into the audience and encouraged them to stay and play until 3pm. After a brief nightcap (or three!) at the afterparty, I had some hot chips (it was funny last night).

Catching up with Alexis Taylor
Release the balls!

A giant hand seeks to squash the band

Alexis Taylor as King of Electro

Sunday, 2 November 2008

2 Days, 2 Halloween Parties

Teach First Benefit, Chelsea

Fickle and fast-paced, fashion can be dominated by issues which, to industry outsiders, may be considered a shade less than paramount. Keen to broaden my knowledge of non-fashion related topics, last Wednesday I went along to a charity fundraiser for ‘Teach First.’ The charity launched in 2002 and its mission is to address educational disadvantage by training graduates to become teachers and leaders.

After getting the low-down on the cause, it was time for the fundraising fun to begin! The event was held at The Collection (pictured top), a beautiful venue on the Brompton Road. We supped delicious cocktails and champagne before the organisers launched into a spirited raffle. Prizes such as digital cameras, champagne and even a tour and dinner at the House of Lords were on offer. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves whether they were winners or (like me!) not.

The success of the evening was largely owing to the excellent event organisation of a new company called Good Cause, Good Event. The event was seamless, the setting was beautiful, champagne was flowing and, most importantly of all, the people there were interested in raising money for a good cause rather than debating the particulars of mascara application.