Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Lighter Life

Phew, well January is nearly over and it was far from jovial. Those of you who have managed to stick to your healthy New Years Resolutions are probably seeking a tasty (and sociable) treat to make things a little more bearable in February. A good option would be an evening at Pizza Express. They have a wonderful range of low-cal meal options, going by the name of ‘Leggera’ which, seductively, means ‘light’ in Italian. Myself and a few other lucky gourmand bloggers were invited to Pizza Express’ Bruton Place branch where we supped the low-cal, low alcohol wine and learned how to make fantastic Leggera pizzas. If you have ever toyed between getting a salad or a pizza, this is the best option for you as it includes both in quite a novel way. It was really fun getting down and dirty with the dough (a secret formulation, alas) and, after emerging from the clouds of flour, we all had a good laugh at each other’s pizzas (top marks to my Jeanie from for creating mini pizzas from the centre of hers – wish I had thought to do the same!) and got to eat them later too. Consulting a nutritionist about the least fatty cheese options and seeing a life coach were also fun experiences.

I will certainly go back to Pizza Express soon and, while I may not be able to resist a big old cheesy pizza, perhaps I could replace my usual garlic-butter-soaked dough balls with some crunchy Leggera crostini?

There were some lovely fellow bloggers at this event and these two sites are just two of which I was introduced to; definitely worth a look:

My creation

Sarah from garnishing like a pro

The crostini starter option

Carlos and Jeanie share a laugh

Sarah and I show off our Leggeras (I look embarassed about mine but actually felt rather proud!)

Friday, 22 January 2010

Edie Sedgwick

In the spirit of all things Sixties, I decided to share my personal style obsession: Edie Sedgwick. This troubled society darling (and the first real 'It Girl') was Andy Warhol's muse and they spend time together at his Factory. Edie's style embodies all things mod and she worked a leotard and tights like no one else. I love the way she mixed massive, chunky earrings with plain outfits and how she worked headscarfs (something I am going to go and try now!). Most of all, Edie's freespirited nature shines through every photograph taken of her - something money cannot buy.

Some of the photographs are a bit disturbing (she looks quite dangerously thin), please remember that although she is undeniably a style icon, she was also hugely addicted to Speed and there is absolutely nothing glamorous about that.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Nat Finkelstein: From One Extreme to the Other

“In retrospect and after a whole lot of living, I look upon the Factory scene like a perpetual carnival in Rio de Janeiro, beautiful girls, pretty boys, music in the air and fucking in the streets, and every once in a while somebody runs in and kills one of the guests.”
Nat Finkelstein, 1933 - 2009

Obsessed with all things Sixties? You’re going to love this. Nat Finkelstein was a veteran of New York’s swinging scene. One of the most respected photojournalists of his time, he is renowned for his intimate documentation of Andy Warhol’s Factory and then later for his political alliance with The Black Panthers (which forced him to live abroad for 15 years)

This retrospective (held at the Idea Generation Gallery near Liverpool Street) brings together Finkelstein’s diverse portfolio of work achieved across five decades, from the Factory scenes (my favourites), to the civil rights and anti-war protests of mid-60s America, to his continuing exploration of the subcultures of 80s and 90s New York.

Look out for the particularly beautiful photo of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick sitting together, he in his trademark black and sunglasses, she in an antique Belgian lace headscarf. Truly magical.

20th January – 14th February 2010-01-21
Idea Generation Ltd11 Chance StreetLondon E2 7JB

images © Nat Finkelstein, Courtesy of Idea Generation Gallery.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Vauxhall Ice Skate Event - One Enchanted Evening

I really love ice skating and getting to one of London's many rinks is the most tempting form of exercise when the temperature drops. I'm really excited about the Vauxhall Ice Skate event that's coming up on the 28th of January - it's a night of skating and celebrities combined; Mr Hudson is set to headline and the wonderfully glamorous Paloma Faith and the talented Coco Sumner will also be performing.

Check out for more information and details of how to get tickets.

See you on the rink!

28th January 2010 – 7.00pm till late
P3 Exhibitions, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Georgia May Jagger Models for Versace

I love a bit of model gossip as much as the next girl so was excited to hear that Versace, every fashionista’s glamorous dirty pleasure, has cherry-picked little Georgia May Jagger to be their new Spring/Summer 10 face.

Donatella Versace says, "She's smart, a strong personality, beautiful, full of energy... and with that natural high star quality, I adore her! She's perfect for this collection - A real Versace girl."

The Versace Spring / Summer 2010 campaign was shot by legendary photographer Mario Testino in London.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

10 Words of Desire

01. Alexander
02. Wang's
03. Crepe
04. Bodycon
05. Dress
06. Is
07. Simply
08. To
09. Die
10. For

Thursday, 7 January 2010

The Look of Luxe: Chanel

It's no secret that I love a bit of luxe and Chanel, bless Karl, never disappoints. I know it's lazy but get your hit of double C's backstage info here:,50#8-fashion-trends-making-of-the-ready-to-wear-campaign-7,50

Very soon I will do a 'Get the Chanel Look on the Utmost Cheap' post - I just need to gather all my chains, camelias, baker boy caps and my single item of the real deal. I am going to prove that you don't need to be forty, rich and a scrawny size nil to glam it up to the max: Chanel style.

In the meantime, I got this dreamy Spring/Summer 10 image from the for inspiration:

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New website has just launched. An outstanding platform for all things fashion and art, it is well worth checking out. I have recently contributed (in a beauty capacity), just follow these links laid out below to find out how and to learn more about this exciting fledgling project:

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Another Post About Alexa

Okay, so I do realise that two posts about Alexa Chung in as many weeks might seem a touch obsessive but this one isn’t entirely (or even directly) about my current style crush. She is but a muse in this scenario of accessories.

It must be a dream to have a brand like Mulberry name a bag after you and lucky Alexa looks set to be a massive hit this Spring/Summer. A funky take on the brand’s classic Bayswater, Alexa is a bag of fun contrasts and twists while remaining perfectly proportioned - just like the main lady herself! Mulberry has crafted this practical piece from luxuriously soft, textured leathers in a veritable rainbow of covetable colours. Alexa can be held, worn across the body or on the shoulder and is also available in oversized and clutch versions. Join the waiting list tomorrow (but wait behind me in the queue – I really want the pink leopard one, and the yellow one and, um the tan one too).