Thursday, 14 August 2008

Magic Massage

Pure Massage was founded by Beata Aleksandrowicz & Jean-Marc Delacourt. I went along to their Vanston Place (Fulham) location a few hours ago and had what can only be described as the most relaxing experience of my life! I honestly have never felt so utterly blissful and calm.

My therapist Monique was charming and considerate, always ensuring that I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Using a winning combination of Swedish, Thai, Acupressure and Deep Tissue Massage long gentle strokes are punctuated by work on pressure points and muscle tension. The massage is tailor-made to your requirements which you discuss before entering the massage room.

The salon itself had an air of efficiency and the room was stylish and minimalist-very soothing. I have booked my next two massages (they have great price packages too!) and will be visiting the Pure Massage in Bond Street’s Fenwick as it is a little nearer to my home.

I felt very satisfied with all aspects of this experience and would certainly recommend anyone to Pure Massage-the only disappointment I felt was when the darned thing ended! You really don’t realise how knotted up you are until someone professional gives you a good going over!

Bookings: 0207 3818100

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Imperial Leather Skin Bliss Shower Lotion

I get really quite excited about all things beauty and therefore was delighted to give the new Imperial Leather shower lotion a whirl. The Skin Bliss ‘Glow’ contains Shea Butter and has a special Imperial Leather ‘Moisture Lock’ system to seal in your skin’s natural moisture. It had a rich, buttery smell and I had a lovely luxurious shower! My skin felt really soft afterwards-I even skipped my post-shower moisturiser which I usually find unbearable! I highly recommend this-it will add a little luxury to hectic mornings.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Mish Mash

I went along to model Ella McNaney’s club night on Wednesday, held at the Burlington club (near Green Park). I was confused by the unusually loud music at first-it sounded as if the fire alarm had gone off unexpectedly. It had. I was then placated by the arrival of firemen.

After this initial hiccup, the night turned out to be a roaring success. Playing hip-hop old and new, the funky, eclectic crowd happily danced the night away. The fashion was great with the girls making lots of effort and the boys looking effortlessly cool. There was some great creative talent hanging out too, including the charming Alexandra Groover and the particularly lovely Thomas Vicary (See Thomas above left with two of his gorgeous designs on PR gurus Tory and Katie). A great time was had by all, here’s to the next one!,,

(l-r fellow writer and fashion goddess Saz, a bunch of lovely girlies, mischief outside!)

Tartanarama 3

Let this be the last of it!

Tartanarama 2

So much tartan that all of the pictures wouldn't fit on one post: here's some more if you can stomach it!


I thought I had seen my fill of tartan and checks at Koko (see a couple of posts below) but the checks/tartan at the Innocent Smoothie festival (and later the Enterprise pub, Chalk Farm) changed everything. A mind-boggling amount of checks. Lines crossed with lines crossed with LINES!

Slight realisation of this hyper-trend kicked in as I met up with a number of checked friends before the festival-haha, we laughed, what a funny coincidence! In retrospect I see that such an eventuality was inevitable. Men, women and children all love the checks (evidence clearly pictured here) but perhaps it’s time to cool off on tartan for a while? I asked my friend Lynne if this strange day had influenced her to give up the dreaded squares but she said that although she had begun to feel a bit sick of it, she would rather give up drink. This was quite a bold statement from someone who had just had four ‘nightcaps!’

Now that D&G have just done a delicious new tartan shirt, I just don’t know if Ithis addiction can be broken. Maybe gingham is the future?

Top to bottom: Our embarassingly checked crew, a hot checked boy, a hot checked girl, the heartwrenchingly adorable Alfred embracing the trend, in the Enterprise pub, making friends with other checked people!

Innocent Smoothie Festival, Regents Park

I went to the Innocent Smoothie Festival on Saturday and after initial crazy-weather-dressing dilemma had been taken care of (through the donning of a bizzare outfit resplendent with flip-flops, shorts and an anorak) by 1pm I was ready for some fun.

Regents Park had been transformed for the weekend into a haven perfect for children and adults alike. There was everything from giant Boggle to fair rides and Irish Whisky tents! Innocent Smoothies could be (and were!) sampled throughout the day. Although this was one of the few festivals this summer that wasn’t all about the music, a pleasant time was spent in ‘the Village Disco’ when it rained. A great time was had by all and I will definitely be going back again next time (next time I hope not to miss the ‘Welly Wanging!’). I have posted some of the pictures taken that day. Great clean Innocent fun.