Thursday, 26 November 2009

Jada Styles

Stylist to the stars, Jada Styles has just opened a fab new shop in the rather luvvie location of our fair capital's Kings Road in Chelsea. If you're deeply in the midst an 'oh goodness what will I get him for Christmas' panic then this is one shopping location to place firmly on your radar. Look out for achingly cool brands Deceiver, Antik Denim and Silver Dagger.

Ring the bell of this exclusive shopping retreat and prepare to enter a luxe land of cool one-offs and the most covetable menswear brands around.

535 Kings Road, SW1 020 7351 6563

Sunday, 22 November 2009

All I Want for Christmas Part 1: Beauty Picks from

Listen up Mr. Claus: I have been a very good girl this year and am therefore expecting a stocking fit to bursting and a truck-load of pressies under my evergreen. Don't fob me off with any of this 'Credit Crunch Christmas' nonsense alright?

We'll work through my gifting demands in groups, let's start with beauty bits. have some amazing buys that won't mean breaking the bank (or in your case, having to make any elves redundant), here are my favourites from their Winter collection:

Asos Nail Paints by Ciaté. Any and all of the amazing colours - from apple green 'Pixie' to deep red 'Gwen,' they are all stocking-worthy.

Forget Frosty the Snowman - it's all about Benefit's Frosty the white shimmering eye pencil. Line your eyes with it and highlight your brow and cupid's bow to look wide-eyed and bushy tailed post party!

Bourjois' limited edition eyeshadows are available exclusively at Pretty packaging, gorgeous shimmering colours. This rich aubergine shade is a great alternative to the usual black smoky eye.

Okay, perhaps this is more of an 'under the tree' pressie but GHDs are every girl's essential. Some of the proceeds of these pink ones go to Breast Cancer UK and can therefore be bought entirely guilt-free.

Ooh I love Illamasqua! Previously only avaliable at Selfridges, this professional-style make-up can now be purchased online at ASOS too - this rich red shade looks amazing with black liner and tons of glossy lashes (they so some great false lashes for when mascara isn't enough).

Pretty, pretty packaging from a new perfume brand, Crazylibellule. I want it!!

Paul & Jo's foundation is dreamily light and the bottle is heavenly on any dressing table.

Pop's new palette is a must for slipping inside any clutch. Change you eyeshadow colour every hour (why not, it's Christmas!)

With Pure's lip gloss set you can wear a different shade for 6/7 days a week (who wears make-up on Sundays anyway)

We'll work through my gifting demands in groups, let's start with beauty bits. have some amazing buys that won't break the bank, here are my favourites from their Winter collection:

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Frost French New Soho Store Opening

Sadie Frost and Jemima French have brought their special brand of ultra-feminine fashion to the streets of Soho. The new boutique is a vision in pink and showcases the design duo's popular threads to perfection. Framed pen and ink illustrations adorn the walls and the changing rooms are a fuchsia dream. The party was so packed with glitterati that it was hard to get a proper feeling for the new collection but I will certainly go back to check it out properly. Guests included JLS and James Brown (Kate Moss's famous hairdresser).

Soho Store, 22 Noel Street London W1F 8GS, 020 7494 1701,

Jemima French and a charming young man from Village Press PR

Moi in the changing room (I want my bedroom to look like this!)

Ms Delphine Hervieu of

A very delicious cocktail (pink, of course!) On my nails, I am wearing the new ASOS Paint in 'Gwen,' a collaboration with Ciaté which you can buy at I left the moon of my nail bed polish free like Dita Von Teese does

Sunday, 15 November 2009 SS10 Highlights

I visited the HQ and was lucky enough to have a sneak preview of their gorgeous SS10 collections from Mulberry bags to lovely designer dresses, they have everything a girl could possibly need for next summer. Who cares what the weather does? With stock like this I will be by my computer online shopping come rain or shine!

More (good) pictures to follow - these were just quick snaps.

I loved this Manoush dress (the colour was much brighter in real life)

A great dress by Kirsty Doyle

A virgin lace creation by Shakuhachi

An assortment of swimwear by D&G and Heidi Klein amongst others

Kasabian, Wembley Arena

Last night, Kasabian played hits past (L.S.F, Clubfoot) and present (Fire, Underdog) from their hit album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum - an album so great that it had the NME boys fighting over who would be lucky enough to review it. I saw Kasabian at the Forum in Kentish Town not long ago and I often find such an intimate setting unbeatable. This was a different kettle of musical fish all together and a gig I enjoyed enormously.

There were crowd fisticuffs, a guest appearance by the Mighty Boosh's lovable Noel Fielding and the kind of beats that make you more excited than a fat kid faced with an awe-inspiring mountain-load of cake. Long live the boys from Leicester - all together now, naaaa naaa naaaa, na na na na naaaaaaa!

For Kasabian tour dates and other info, check

Fisticuffs (the blurs are people fighting)

Noel as Vlad (not the best picture but damn, that boy can move!)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Opal Nera's Halloween Party

Witches, goblins, naughty nurses and everything in between...and a dead Lady Gaga for good measure. Everyone clearly paid heed to Opal Nera's 'no costume, no entry' warning, then! There was face painting, there were dodgy diagnoses by dangerous doctors and lots and lots of black sambuca shots in various guises. A dark and scary night was enjoyed by all at the Vibe Bar (Brick Lane) venue. Mwah ha ha! The best part? I succeeded in getting home this year - with Northumberland bus shelter safely out of sight.