Monday, 31 March 2014

Go Large with Label.m Texturising Volume Spray

When it comes to hair, I firmly believe that bigger is better. Volume equals glamour and nothing makes me feel as confident as a bouncy blowdry or nicely backcombed bouffant. 

Label.m launched ‘Texturising Volume Spray’ at London Fashion Week, which may explain the number of ‘big hair’ shots snapped by street style photographers at the gates of Somerset House. The new product boasts the texturising benefits of backcombing with the hold of hairspray. 

Label.m promises their versatile, texturising spray will ‘take your hair to new heights’. I put it to the test, washing and rough drying my (slightly wavy) hair as normal before spraying it fairly haphazardly and ‘roughing it up’ with my fingers along the way. As well as smelling amazing, it instantly gave my hair more body and hold, creating a rocky, Kate Moss feel. 

I now keep it in my desk drawer – it’s a brilliant refresher for lank locks, especially before after-work drinks. 

Label.m Texturising Volume Spray 200ml, £12.50. Available in selected salons and online at 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

One Elle of a Time

I went to an exclusive Percy & Reed product launch in the Elle office, mainly because I was curious about a new product launch, but also because I love a good office nosy! 

This was the first time the Elle beauty team had invited non-PRs-or-Elle-ites into the building, but after the success of their first event, I’m sure they will host more events like this. I was on my best behaviour: only two champagnes and I didn’t spill a drop. The Elle Beauty team talked us through the new Percy & Reed product, ‘Wonder Balm’.

Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (£18 for 75ml) is like a primer for your hair. It gives more control and helps your style last longer. You use it before other styling products; I wash my hair, towel dry it and then apply it through my lengths and ends. It smells gorgeous and makes my hair feel thick and silky. I then dry my hair and apply my usual texturiser and hair spray. 

According to Adam Reed, this is a product that “makes your hair the best it can be.” Paul Percival is also a fan, explaining, “Wonder Balm helps to fill and seal the cuticle, giving you a perfect base to style the hair, whilst sealing the cuticle, locking out humidity and adding gloss and light volume.”

After hearing about this new Wonder product, we got our hair styled with it by Percy & Reed stylists. It looked wonderful but I didn’t think it would withstand the hair whipping it would get at Beyonce the following evening, so I ended up taking it out before I went to bed. I’m sure my fellow Tube-travellers were impressed with my High Barnet in any case. We also got some snaps in the famous ‘Elle Photobooth’ to remember our lovely styles. 

Percy & Reed are now on Instagram - follow percyandreedlookbook for hair inspiration and email your favourite styles over to or

Monday, 17 March 2014

Burt’s Bees Shines and Glosses

100% natural beauty brand Burt’s Bees already have some fab tinted lip balms and shimmers, but they’re releasing glosses and shines in April, exclusive to John Lewis. 

Infused with botanical oils and beeswax, the colour range offers the same amazing, nourishing results which made me love the original Burt’s Bees lip balms. 

The (also 100% natural) shines are really glossy, taste yummy and don’t feel sticky. I love ‘Smooch’, a deep, plummy shade. The glosses are more lipstick-y and all share a light vanilla fragrance, jojoba esters and sunflower polyglycerides. I’m going to wearing peachy, shimmery ‘Sunny Day’ all summer long. In the meantime I’m into dusky pink ‘Autumn Haze’ with a bronzer to pep up my pale skin.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The New eBay

I was invited to the Rook and Raven gallery on London’s Rathbone Place to learn about the latest developments with eBay. Intriguing news, free breakfast and a very starry panel? I was there!

Essentially, eBay is enhancing its customer experience and harnessing its inspirational power into three platforms. There are similarities with Pinterest, but the main difference is the ease to purchase whatever you showcase or discover; the thrill of discovery makes this seductive and very dangerous for some (shopaholics like me). Did you know eBay sells 2880 handbags every day? 

Here are the new bits:

eBay Collections – handpick items from eBay and display them in groups or themes. 
Follow – be inspired by others!
eBay Today – an inspirational new homepage for shopping on email

According to Sarah Calcott, UK Senior Marketing Director, ‘Shoppers are in the driving seat like never before and rightly expect and experience that’s both fun and functional. That’s what eBay Collections is all about.’ 

The panel included Presenter Reggie Yates, Dannii Minogue, Kelly Hoppen MBE, Alex James, Susie Lau and Sasha Wilkins. They had some great thoughts about the new-look eBay and some interesting facts arose:

-Dannii Minogue owns a worm farm and collects chopsticks 
-Reggie has been buying houses since he was 18. He used to have 1000 pairs of trainers but felt so bad after a charity trip that he gave 600 pairs away!
-All of Alex’s boards feature wet wipes – festival essentials
-Kelly Hoppen MBE has a thing for kettle bells 

Susie Lau, in my opinion, had the most interesting views on the new platform:

‘We expect more from our e-commerce experience and I love stumbling onto things you never thought you would stumble on. It's a whole new experience for me as an eBay veteran.’

I love that her collection features packets of glitter. She has a great one called 'Tra La La' which was inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff. My kind of girl. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Rainbow Eyes: Inspired by Chanel

Months have passed since the show but I’m still obsessing over this incredible Chanel Spring Summer 2014 catwalk make-up. Decided to have a go myself. I wanted to create something which was a bit more wearable (not hard!) that I could try for a party. Quite enjoyed the nails too; a good way to while away a quiet afternoon. Mmm nail art.  

I used this amazing Sephora palette

And a YSL black eyeliner. Got my eyebrows done at Benefit, Carnaby Street before embarking on this one! 

The nails were a few different shades by a few different brands - experiment! 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Viktor & Rolf Fragrance Display

How beautiful is this Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb display in Debenhams, Oxford Street? I love it so much. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Shoe Statement

I’m a walking cliché of a fashion lover but at least I've got some bloody nice shoes. This is the tip of the iceberg, but I CAN’T BEAR to be without any of them, even the ones I can't walk in. I'm not selling any on eBay, no matter how poor I am and that is the end of it. How big is your shoe collection? 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Nicer Tuesdays: Magazines

Sponsored by Park Communications, publishers ‘It’s Nice That’ hosted a fabulous evening of magazine talk at Mother London last month as part of their ‘Nicer Tuesdays’ series.

Nicer Tuesdays is a monthly event and February’s was curated by Vice’s Bruno Bayley, Wired art director Andrew Diprose, Riposte Founder Danielle Pender and Will Dean, editor of The Independent Magazine. 
There were lots of inspirational nuggets and free beer (woohoo!). I can’t share the beer with you (wish I could – idiotic blog platform) but I can treat you to some of the same interesting nuggets I enjoyed. 

-'Get another project'. Always have a personal project on the go, says Andrew Diprose of Wired and Rise 

-Learn how to share content across different mediums, making the most of the content you have  

-Magazines are about a variety of stories combined with making the most of print. 

-Vice’s Bruno Bayley thinks ‘People like to read long articles on paper (as opposed to digital platforms). Magazines are also great for illustration and photos.’

-Inspirational Danielle from Riposte magazine thinks it’s important to ‘Spend your time getting the content right instead of chasing advertisers in the beginning’. 

Attend the next 'Nicer Tuesday' 

Vice’s Bruno Bayley

Downstairs at Mother London

Stop daydreaming and listen to the talks!

Danielle from Riposte offered a refreshing take on women's magazines. No 'ring of shame' for her!

Quite right!