Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The New eBay

I was invited to the Rook and Raven gallery on London’s Rathbone Place to learn about the latest developments with eBay. Intriguing news, free breakfast and a very starry panel? I was there!

Essentially, eBay is enhancing its customer experience and harnessing its inspirational power into three platforms. There are similarities with Pinterest, but the main difference is the ease to purchase whatever you showcase or discover; the thrill of discovery makes this seductive and very dangerous for some (shopaholics like me). Did you know eBay sells 2880 handbags every day? 

Here are the new bits:

eBay Collections – handpick items from eBay and display them in groups or themes. 
Follow – be inspired by others!
eBay Today – an inspirational new homepage for shopping on email

According to Sarah Calcott, UK Senior Marketing Director, ‘Shoppers are in the driving seat like never before and rightly expect and experience that’s both fun and functional. That’s what eBay Collections is all about.’ 

The panel included Presenter Reggie Yates, Dannii Minogue, Kelly Hoppen MBE, Alex James, Susie Lau and Sasha Wilkins. They had some great thoughts about the new-look eBay and some interesting facts arose:

-Dannii Minogue owns a worm farm and collects chopsticks 
-Reggie has been buying houses since he was 18. He used to have 1000 pairs of trainers but felt so bad after a charity trip that he gave 600 pairs away!
-All of Alex’s boards feature wet wipes – festival essentials
-Kelly Hoppen MBE has a thing for kettle bells 

Susie Lau, in my opinion, had the most interesting views on the new platform:

‘We expect more from our e-commerce experience and I love stumbling onto things you never thought you would stumble on. It's a whole new experience for me as an eBay veteran.’

I love that her collection features packets of glitter. She has a great one called 'Tra La La' which was inspired by Meadham Kirchhoff. My kind of girl. 


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