Thursday, 18 December 2014

Keep Kalme and Carry on Partying

With the party season well and truly upon us, chances are you’re either piling on your make-up for a night out or using it to disguise the telltale signs the following day. With all this on/off business, our skin can sometimes flare up, especially if you’d describe yours as ‘sensitive.’ What to do? Fortunately there is a product to help.

Although my skin used to be worse, it still gets very itchy and sensitive sometimes, especially when it’s cold outside (or artificially warm inside). I’ve started using ‘Kalme’ which acts as a neutral, protective barrier base coat, providing a blank canvas for any number of products you choose to apply afterwards. Sort of like a primer. Actually, quite a lot like a primer. You can also use it in place of a moisturiser, but I find I need a bit more hydration in the winter months so I usually apply it after my Ren formula.

Kalme works best if you wait about 15 minutes for it to sink in before applying your make-up. I slap it on and do my hair – the morning routine has to be particularly slick these days; when it’s dark outside, I normally feel like I should be in my bed.

I think Kalme is a great idea because it means that people with sensitive skin can still glam up as much as the next person! A great stocking-stuffer to boot!

Kalme Undercoat is free from, SLS, MI, parabens and perfumes and is suitable for use during pregnancy. It costs £9.95 (75ml) and is available from or call 01794 527433

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A Conran Christmas

I can’t believe I have lived in London for over a decade and never been to the Conran shop. I was walking down Marylebone High Street last week and their neon window captured my attention instantly. Such a shame that it was closed at the time. I recently received their Christmas catalogue which contains some great gift ideas. Forget shopping online this year, I’m heading straight to the Conran shop 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Shortlist Media Grand Party

I was lucky enough to attend the Shortlist Media Grand Party. A loyal reader of Stylist, Emerald Street, Shortlist and Mr Hyde (I love them all) it was great to join the celebrations.

There was an amazing ‘Willy Wonka’ theme and music was provided by Radio 1’s DJ MistaJam. We layered delicious grub from The Bowler and Annie Mae’s with a variety of cocktails and, of course, a lot of sweets.

We went home feeling happy, a bit tiddly and very, very full.

Skinny pins


There was a revolving bar

And a gin bar

A ketchup fountain

Lots of cherry Mai Tais

This man

A vodka louche

A Baileys fountain and chocolate cups

We took a lot of sweets home

And kissed Mr Hyde

And hugged him

Took selfies with the Emerald Street girls

Lickin' lollies

Saying 'hello'


Enjoying the sweet tree


Yum part 2

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Masterclass with Theo Randall

What do you get the man who already has quite a lot? From previous man-present-buying experience, I have found it best to mentally file away any mention hobbies or interests throughout the year. An interest in F1 (noted. Fast car experience day) a brief dalliance with fishing (potential camping weekend away) talk of a holiday in Portofino (I’m not made of money).

Over the many years I have been wracking my brain for man presents, there is one theme to which I always return: food. Tired of sifting through the mental filing, I just came right out and asked my boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday. He said he had always liked the look of Theo Randall’s food on the telly and fancied eating in his restaurant in the Intercontinental, Park Lane. Perfectly do-able. But it felt too easy – where was the anguish? The brain-wracking? I went on the Theo Randall website to book us in. Hovering there, on the right of the tool bar, a word caught my attention ‘Masterclass.’ Genius. Theo hosts masterclasses to showcase a whole manner of cookery skills, from fish to pasta, sharing over 20 years of experience. Each one perfectly showcases his signature Italian style. Each one costs £200 per person and includes a masterclass in the morning, wine tasting with Theo’s Head Sommelier, a three-course lunch with paired wine and copy of Theo's first cookbook 'PASTA'.

It was pulling the purse strings too tightly for me to attend the class with Neil, but Theo’s fabulous PA, Maria Wrazen, kindly organised for me to attend lunch for a reduced fee.

Neil told me all about morning. They arrived at 10am and had coffee and croissants before following Theo into the kitchen. His was quite a small group (there were only five people all together) and each of them said how brilliant it was. Theo taught them how to cook several fish-based dishes which they also tasted along the way.

While the group learnt some fish-cooking skills, I attempted to cross the cobbles on Hyde Park Corner in rain and vertiginous Gina heels. Turns out they’re not called ‘limousine shoes’ for nothing.  I finally made it and fist-pumped the air at the exact same moment a handsome Sheik emerged from his dulled metallic red supercar. An excellent start.

After hobbling down the marble stairs, I joined the group, together with Theo’s Head Sommelier, to learn all about Italian wine. It was a fascinating experience – anyone would enjoy it, whether your knowledge of wine is ‘it contains grapes’ or ‘this one’s oaky with notes of coffee.’

Lunch was as delicious as expected, which began with a glass of prosecco and tasty fresh bruschetta to get our juices flowing. Next up was a mouth-watering starter of smoked eel, followed by a meaty beef main with the most flavoursome tomatoes I have ever tasted. Theo emerged from the kitchen and took time with us, telling us where our food was from, why the combinations worked and how we could achieve similar results. He is a generous man and a brilliant chef. Many of Theo’s ingredients are imported from Italy and you can tell by talking to him, that this is something he is truly passionate about. Any ingredients that have not been delivered from Italy are selected from some of the finest producers in the UK. It goes without saying that the products are seasonally selected, and the menu adapted accordingly. Dessert was a gorgeous lemon tart – the perfect end to a rich, delicious lunch.

Our group was great fun and it was with great reluctance that we said our goodbyes. We all agreed that it had been a really special day – the ultimate gift for anyone who loves cooking...or eating. We’ll definitely be returning to Theo Randall’s restaurant again soon.

To book a masterclass, call 0207 318 8747 or email Maria at 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Diana or Kate? An LBD Dilemma

Every stylish girl knows you can never have too many little black dresses. The right one can take you from a meeting to a cocktail party in seconds. specialises in,.. yes you’ve guessed it, little black dresses. I went along to the launch of the brand’s own-label LBD collection.

To celebrate the launch, a party was held at the Oscar Wilde in CafĂ© Royal. Many glamorous guests attended, including Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson and fashion journalist Hilary Alexander.

As we sipped champagne and cocktails, we perused the rail of dresses. Each one is inspired by a different celebrity and I found myself struggling to decide which one I liked most. There was Kate, named after Miss Moss. It was a skin-tight, off-the-shoulder style with feathers at the top. Then there was Diana, modelled after our beloved princess, it was ruched, sexy and also off-the-shoulder. Diana or Kate? Kate or Diana? I’m seriously tempted to buy both. Christmas party season will be here before we know it, and it pays to be prepared. Fortunately, all the dresses sit around the £100 mark, so buying more than one is possible.

Which will you choose? 

The beautiful Oscar Wilde bar

My gorgeous stylist bud Ellie looked amazing

I hung out with the models (that's the Kate dress on the right...). I wore a dress by Bastyan.


Friday, 3 October 2014

TONI&GUY Mainstage Event

Every year, TONI&GUY host an event for their employees and press. This time, the event was held at the Copper Box arena in Hackney Wick. I was so impressed at the overall production. My friend Becky and I couldn’t get over the incredible videos which were shown between employee awards. The hair show was fantastic, with the looks grouped in to different themes. We both loved the white theme, and were particularly impressed with the chic haircuts shown. The whole thing was incredibly feel-good and inspirational. Ella Eyre performed for us and her energy, feisty nature and wild bouncing curls made her the perfect choice for the event. Another great TONI&GUY experience.