Thursday, 18 December 2014

Keep Kalme and Carry on Partying

With the party season well and truly upon us, chances are you’re either piling on your make-up for a night out or using it to disguise the telltale signs the following day. With all this on/off business, our skin can sometimes flare up, especially if you’d describe yours as ‘sensitive.’ What to do? Fortunately there is a product to help.

Although my skin used to be worse, it still gets very itchy and sensitive sometimes, especially when it’s cold outside (or artificially warm inside). I’ve started using ‘Kalme’ which acts as a neutral, protective barrier base coat, providing a blank canvas for any number of products you choose to apply afterwards. Sort of like a primer. Actually, quite a lot like a primer. You can also use it in place of a moisturiser, but I find I need a bit more hydration in the winter months so I usually apply it after my Ren formula.

Kalme works best if you wait about 15 minutes for it to sink in before applying your make-up. I slap it on and do my hair – the morning routine has to be particularly slick these days; when it’s dark outside, I normally feel like I should be in my bed.

I think Kalme is a great idea because it means that people with sensitive skin can still glam up as much as the next person! A great stocking-stuffer to boot!

Kalme Undercoat is free from, SLS, MI, parabens and perfumes and is suitable for use during pregnancy. It costs £9.95 (75ml) and is available from or call 01794 527433

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