Monday, 18 January 2016

Five Surprising Things About a Cunard Cruise

1.   It’s actually really glam. And it’s fun getting dolled up. I mostly went for cocktail dresses and jewels.

2.   It’s isn’t just for oldies. Of course, there are quite a few elderly passengers, but there were lots of younger pups too, especially in Hemispheres nightclub.

3.  You sort of forget you’re on a boat. Except when it’s choppy. Then you remember fairly quickly.

4.  You meet interesting people. At every turn, you’ll meet someone friendly to talk to. Or talk at, if you’ve been sampling the cocktails. Nobody seems to mind.

5.  The food is incredible. Breakfast is glorious, lunch is an event and then there’s the world-famous Cunard Afternoon Tea to contend with. At dinner, portion sizes are quite manageable, so you won’t feel over-stuffed for the evening ahead. (If you want to visit the buffet on the way back to your room, that, my friend, is your prerogative.)

I think the best antidote to 'Blue Monday' is plotting something fun. If you have never cruised before, I’d definitely recommend adding this to your 2016 plan. I went on the Southampton to Zeebrugge one with my mum before Christmas and we had such an amazing time.

Bon Voyage

Packing! Glam frocks, passport and train wine are all essentials for a cruise, in my opinion

Enjoying a drink from the comfort of our balcony room (wearing the Kate from Little Black Dress)

I finally had an occasion to wear my Jenny Packham frock 

With Mum - Christmas card ready

Shameless selfie #1,000 (probably)

It's so fun making somewhere new your home - my jewellery and hair pieces were from places like Butler & Wilson (star burst), Johnny Loves Rosie (red feather clip), H&M (hair bow) and Topshop (sparkly earrings)

Some essential bedtime reading

Mum's evening 'do'

It was so beautiful on the Queen Victoria

We wrapped up warm for our day in Bruges

An 'informal' evening outfit for our final night with Clarks shoes (sooo comfy and neutral - I'll be wearing these all summer too)  

Monday, 11 January 2016

Think Pinker - Monday Deskspiration

When it comes to workspace style, my attitude is ‘high tech, colourful, inspiring and fun.’ I could never do an Anna Wintour and have SWEET FA on my desk. In my opinion, when it comes to stationery, hot pink is the only way to go. I got the gold earrings at the top from the Zara sale last week. They’re pictured with Mac Lipglass in Candy Yum Yum and the pink stationery is from my top drawer in the Tea Building – hands off! 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

January Beauty Buys

Mariah’s always warbling about how little she cares about the presents under the Christmas tree and usually, I tend to agree with her.

This year, however, the evergreen delivered such a tasty beauty bounty that I felt I had to share – I hope it inspires some of your January shopping or gift buying.

1. Leopard print purse from Monki
3. Nice make-up bag (don’t know where it’s from)
8. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
9. Charlotte Tilbury and Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow Highlighter

Other faves included an awesome toothbrush, a Clarisonic and a L’Occitane beauty set with minis that make me look forward to the gym.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Not Another Salon

Happy 2016 Fashion Slanters! I hope you had a lovely break and that getting back into the swing of things is not proving too taxing. I thought I'd welcome the New Year with a post about a new discovery. 

Every time I walk down Brick Lane I notice something different. There’s an unanticipated sample sale (dangerous), an untapped vintage store, a fun pop-up or, most recently, a shiny new salon.

But this was ‘Not Another Salon’ – A Pinterester’s dream, an Instagrammer’s fantasy and a colour-lover’s long-awaited blog post.

The second you walk through the door, you feel like you've been whisked into the future – strong lines, bright shades and funky decoration took my breath away. So cool it was, that it might have felt intimidating, but the girls in the salon were so lovely and welcoming that they offered to take me on a tour. I will try and give you the same treat, statically. Let’s go:

The Entrance

The graphic flooring, the colour pops, the cages! Arghhh! 

The shopping cage

Hmm, what shall I buy from the shopping cage? How about EVERYTHING?

The hair washing area

A minimalist moment with a neon sign and a head massage. Is there any other way to go? 

The logo wall


The mani station 

A rainbow of beautiful colours. Which colour do you want to go for? I HAVE NO IDEA.

One of these designs on each nail please. Let's begin with Zippy. 

Or maybe glitter Shellac that looks like the film Frozen trapped in a polish...

Now let's go downstairs. 

What's that? Oh, only a secret room which is like a timewarp. Doesn't every salon have one of these? No?

With some creepy Dorothy legs and trippy wallpaper. Just because. 

And Pinterest goes wild. 

We've now left the secret room (which was on our left behind that shelf) so let's explore the rest of downstairs. 

There are some sexy mirrors, found in a little boutique from the actual future. 


Let's not forget what these guys actually do, which is amazing hair which has the power to turn heads - even in London's coolest area. 

The hair you always wanted is sitting on another woman's head. 

Or maybe this mousy/blue creation is more your style? 

If you've always been totally jel of My Little Pony's tresses then make them YOURS.

Remember the colour wheel from Art? Of course it's here - where else would it be? 

Don't forget to book your appointment on the way out - if your New Year's resolution is to 'be more adventurous with hair' then you are in the best possible place. 

020 7033 3920
188 Brick Lane E16SA