Monday, 18 January 2016

Five Surprising Things About a Cunard Cruise

1.   It’s actually really glam. And it’s fun getting dolled up. I mostly went for cocktail dresses and jewels.

2.   It’s isn’t just for oldies. Of course, there are quite a few elderly passengers, but there were lots of younger pups too, especially in Hemispheres nightclub.

3.  You sort of forget you’re on a boat. Except when it’s choppy. Then you remember fairly quickly.

4.  You meet interesting people. At every turn, you’ll meet someone friendly to talk to. Or talk at, if you’ve been sampling the cocktails. Nobody seems to mind.

5.  The food is incredible. Breakfast is glorious, lunch is an event and then there’s the world-famous Cunard Afternoon Tea to contend with. At dinner, portion sizes are quite manageable, so you won’t feel over-stuffed for the evening ahead. (If you want to visit the buffet on the way back to your room, that, my friend, is your prerogative.)

I think the best antidote to 'Blue Monday' is plotting something fun. If you have never cruised before, I’d definitely recommend adding this to your 2016 plan. I went on the Southampton to Zeebrugge one with my mum before Christmas and we had such an amazing time.

Bon Voyage

Packing! Glam frocks, passport and train wine are all essentials for a cruise, in my opinion

Enjoying a drink from the comfort of our balcony room (wearing the Kate from Little Black Dress)

I finally had an occasion to wear my Jenny Packham frock 

With Mum - Christmas card ready

Shameless selfie #1,000 (probably)

It's so fun making somewhere new your home - my jewellery and hair pieces were from places like Butler & Wilson (star burst), Johnny Loves Rosie (red feather clip), H&M (hair bow) and Topshop (sparkly earrings)

Some essential bedtime reading

Mum's evening 'do'

It was so beautiful on the Queen Victoria

We wrapped up warm for our day in Bruges

An 'informal' evening outfit for our final night with Clarks shoes (sooo comfy and neutral - I'll be wearing these all summer too)  

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