Monday, 22 June 2009

Portraits of a Palace by Belvedere

June 18th marked the first in a series of Belvedere Vodka’s ‘Portraits of a Palace’ pop-up parties. Shoreditch's Blackall Studios (on Leonard Street) hosted the event and was decorated to recreate the grandeur of the old Belvedere Palace.

I’m ashamed to say that, when perusing different types of vodka I used to be of the ‘all vodka tastes the same’ opinion. Then I discovered Belvedere, particularly Belvedere Pomeranza, a vodka so smooth and fragrant that I have hidden it in my bedroom to keep away from thirsty housemates (I won’t reveal where I have hidden it!) It comes in a pretty frosted bottle too.

Anyway, I digress. The party was full of Hoxton hipsters and media types. The delicious cocktails were served by good-looking At Your Service staff and mixed for Belvedere by Bamboo’s highly-skilled team. The music was pumping and entertainment came in the form of a DJ set by newcomers Lou and Nova (‘we could do that’ shrieked Saz and I excitedly!) and a live performance by the ever-fabulous We Have Band.

It was a week night so I resisted the many flavours of temptation and got an early(ish) night. This would have seemed virtuous had I not have drunk double figures of strong cocktails. They were just too damn delicious.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

An Irregular Summer Evening, Carnaby Street

Funky footwear brand Irregular Choice hosted an instore event in Carnaby Street - there was Um Bongo, there were Rainbow Drops and Love Hearts, it was fun. Drinks (apart from Um Bongo) included yummy pink Lambrini and Bulmers Pear Cider. The designer himself, Danny, talked us through his inspirations and style past. Read all about it on my friend Sarah's blog

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Swinging Sixties Party

There were five outfit changes (all me), approximately ten beehives, a million drinks, Beatles songs and oodles of dancing. Enjoy the pics baby:

Oh Beehive Hershesons

Q. What’s big, bad and will make or break a party? A. A monster of a beehive of course!

Now, as you all know, I am not adverse to some experimentation in the hair and makeup department but when you’re working against the clock and have a massive sixties-style birthday party to set up, it can be a tad stressful (especially if you are the hostess and birthday girl rolled into one stress-ball of a package!). I knew exactly what I wanted to do makeup-wise (Galliano-esque exaggerated Twiggy eyes) but whenever I attempt a beehive, it always seems to look great from the front but a tragic, borderline partied-out Winehouse mess at the back.

Luckily, I heard about Daniel Hershesons Blow Dry bar in the Oxford Street branch of Topshop. Friendly stylist Sam wasted no time, whipping my barnet into a frenzy of fluff before carefully moulding my hair into a mound of perfection. As the Elnett began to clear I smiled a happy smile: my ‘Bardot’ looked lovely. Another bonus? I had it done at 3pm on Saturday and it lasted through ten hours of (pretty hardcore) partying, all through the Sunday and, I am slightly ashamed to admit, through my Monday at work too, where I swanned about with my slightly limp ringlets blowing in the air-conditioning with a faint waft of old cigarette smoke.

The moral of the story? Getting your hair blow-dried or styled only costs £21 and the results are absolutely astounding and the service quick and pleasant. Now, what next from the menu? The ‘Big and Bouncy or the half-up half-down ‘B-52?’ I’m considering going every week…

How to Book:
Hershesons Blow Dry Bar Oxford Street: 0207 927 7888
Hershesons Blow Dry Bar Westfields: 0208 743 0868

Myself and Hersheson's Sam, aka Beehive Extraordinaire

I know, I know, I need to get them done again. Is it not a bit Daphne Guinness though? Say 'yes' please

Okaaay, the changing room queue behind me started to stare at this point

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Going Out Tonight?

Fancy a little Ibiza tonight? Read on:

Red Velvet present the Ibiza Beach Party at
THAT Club, Greenwich

To celebrate Ibiza’s Opening Weekend, THAT Club (The House And Terrace) in Greenwich will host an Ibiza Beach Party spectacular this Saturday 6th June from 10pm.

The terrace will be totally transformed into a stunning beach with genuine sand imported from Ibiza and palm trees for clubbers to dance amongst. Oliver Lang, Resident DJ at Bora-Bora will be playing a slamming mix of house, tech and Balearic grooves to get the beach party truly started.

Staff will be dressed in party beachwear and to continue the Ibizan party theme, THAT Club will become the first London club to offer Sparkling Sangria. Served in jugs to share, this refreshing white cocktail is a twist on traditional sangria, combining Cava with fresh orange, apple, cinnamon and mint.

THAT Club truly brings Ibiza to London with a vast outdoor space over two levels that can host up to 700 guests. With suspended disco balls, two outdoor cocktail bars, fire-eaters, stilt-walkers, jugglers and angle-grinders, guests feel like they’re a million miles from the capital.

The club’s interior is accented by white glass chandeliers, more disco balls and slick black floors. Booth style seating and raised levels give the club an intimate appeal. Hosting high-profile DJs and events, such as Secretsundaze and Cream Ibiza, THAT Club is the perfect place to see the sun set and rise over London...

Daniel Montila, the man behind the THAT Club brand, comments: “We are excited to host the Ibiza Beach Party this Saturday, which will bring a bit of the amazing Bora-Bora beach vibe to London! Red Velvet will be hosting monthly events at THAT Club, bringing our distinctly original and wacky themed events to such an incredible outdoor space over the summer months.”

With entry charged at just £8 throughout the summer months, there’s no better way of experiencing Ibiza without even having to leave the capital.

THAT Club /
338 Boord Street
North Greenwich
SE10 0PF

Opening Times: Saturday 10pm – 6am

First 200 girls free before 11pm on the guestlist

Location: THAT Club is a five minute walk from North Greenwich station (Jubilee Line) and shares all transport links with the O2 Centre

Friday, 5 June 2009

10 Words of Desire

01. Herve's
02. Cyrille
03. Ombré
04. Dress
05. Is
06. Beautiful
07. Like
08. An
09. Amazing
10. Sunset

Rock Star Style: Juliette Lewis

She sometimes appears on the 'Worst Dressed' lists but who cares? Certainly not Juliette Lewis. She likes a beret, loves a catsuit or two and isn't afraid to dress up when the occasion demands it. This star has a refreshingly human approach to style and seems to wear whatever she feels like with unflappable confidence.

Juliette Lewis Rocks Koko

I have had a Juliette Lewis obsession since her portrayal of a preacher's daughter in Tarantino's 'From Dusk 'Til Dawn'. After other film triumphs such 'Natural Born Killers,' the star made her debut on the rock scene with her band The Licks. When a Hollywood actress decides to turn her hand to music, most critics take a sharp intake of breath and prepare for a new level of caustic but Juliette has managed to avoid above-average levels of criticism with her enthusiastic, energetic live performances.

I saw Lewis perform (newly without the Licks-she wants ‘to get creative, get a little crazier’ and this has apparently meant going it alone) at London’s Koko club and was astounded by her complete disdain for standing still. My efforts to get some good snaps of what she was wearing were sadly thwarted by a combination of factors, mainly my cack-handed cameramanship and her complete inability to remain static for longer than a nano-second. Here are the best of a bad bunch: