Monday, 22 June 2009

Portraits of a Palace by Belvedere

June 18th marked the first in a series of Belvedere Vodka’s ‘Portraits of a Palace’ pop-up parties. Shoreditch's Blackall Studios (on Leonard Street) hosted the event and was decorated to recreate the grandeur of the old Belvedere Palace.

I’m ashamed to say that, when perusing different types of vodka I used to be of the ‘all vodka tastes the same’ opinion. Then I discovered Belvedere, particularly Belvedere Pomeranza, a vodka so smooth and fragrant that I have hidden it in my bedroom to keep away from thirsty housemates (I won’t reveal where I have hidden it!) It comes in a pretty frosted bottle too.

Anyway, I digress. The party was full of Hoxton hipsters and media types. The delicious cocktails were served by good-looking At Your Service staff and mixed for Belvedere by Bamboo’s highly-skilled team. The music was pumping and entertainment came in the form of a DJ set by newcomers Lou and Nova (‘we could do that’ shrieked Saz and I excitedly!) and a live performance by the ever-fabulous We Have Band.

It was a week night so I resisted the many flavours of temptation and got an early(ish) night. This would have seemed virtuous had I not have drunk double figures of strong cocktails. They were just too damn delicious.


Sarah Edwina Rose said...

We could do that very easily! (I hope) We can at least provide a good mix cd

Kev - LG said...

Wasn't a bad party was it? Shame it emptied out so quickly. A few of my colleagues in those shots too ...