Sunday, 24 May 2009

I'm Just Looking (I'm Not Buying)

There is very little more depressing than launching into a new season of inspiring fashion without the financial means to buy any of it. Not even enough to buy the rip-off versions in Primarni. (Get the violins out) What's a girl to do? I tend to wander around aimlessly, staring longingly into windows, hoping a handsome Clark Gable type will come along and say: 'do you really like that Stella dress? I'll buy it for you darling, just say the word.' Unfortunately, I am beginning to realise that this may be slightly unrealistic so instead I simply took some pictures of the best windows in High-end Designerland, New Bond Street and Bruton Street.

I loved this trannytastic imagery on New Bond Street
Diane Von Furstenburg embrace an Autumn pallette for Summer-I thought this window was really beautiful.

Stella McCartney's brilliant window was crammed full of inflatables-and three rather lovely dresses!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Getting Loaded for 15 Years

Last night I went to the best birthday party. Embracing my inner glamour girl, I donned a sparkly micro-mini (paired with a new piece of animal magic, a leopard tee from H&M) and hot-footed it down to Bloomsbury Bowl for a night of hedonism and free doughnuts. FYI: bowling when drunk is dangerous - itcan equal disaster or, sometimes, a great deal of fun. Thanks for a lovely time Loaded!
Style Slant: for men, it looks like tartan is still ruling the roost. For the Loaded women? Less was definitely more and body-con was embraced (a little too much in some cases.)

(Pics: I caught Tim Westwood scoffing the glazed doughnuts-I have a real soft spot for this 'baby boy'. The rest of the pictures involve me, Jamie Fullerton ( Niels Beenen, Su-Elise (previously of Misteeq fame), Bianca Gascoigne ('you are my namesake' I squealed! She retreated outside) with the rest of the glamour models) and the ever-charming, ever gorgeous Mr Carl Barat was DJing (now there's a man who can wear a suit - even when someone sprays a drink down the side of it).

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ten Words of Desire

Oh M blummin' G:

01. I
02. Want
03. These
04. To
05. Go
06. To
07. Festivals
08. In
09. Right
10. Now

Monday, 4 May 2009

Nico D: A Wonderfully Versatile Designer For Me

Every woman knows the value of a great LBD. The merest slip of a simple black dress can take you from boardroom to cocktail party in literally seconds with the right accessories. This is great for us but it wasn’t good enough for Nico DiDonna who has managed to make the hallowed classic even more versatile. A version that can be worn a multitude of ways.

When the dress is laid out flat it looks really very strange, (sort of like something a bat might wear for a cocktail party) but on the body it becomes something completely different. The neckline is a low cowl on one side, straight on the other so you can choose whether you would rather flash a bit of d̩collet̩ or show some sexy spine. The shape is such that it can be wrapped up or worn loose Рthe idea of having about eight outfits out of the same dress made me slightly over-excited. Never again would I have to sweat it out in the morning desperately trying to find things that matched. Gone would be the days of still trying to dress myself on the way to the bus (or, on one occasion, actually on the bus!). This dress would literally change my life. The designer was keen to show me how it worked and took me through some different looks with the dramatic longer version on a model.

Nico Di Donna’s shop is located near Berwick Street in Soho and the designer himself works in the same room: great if you are looking for something special and tailor made. The shop has been around for a while but it is a little off the beaten track so people have a tendancy to miss it. Since the designer showed last fashion week, I was keen to have a closer look at his garments up close. On the catwalk the jumpsuits and dresses seemed dramatic but, on viewing them closely, it was the quality and detail of the pieces that really shone through.

16a D’Arblay Street, London W1F 8EA