Thursday, 14 May 2009

Getting Loaded for 15 Years

Last night I went to the best birthday party. Embracing my inner glamour girl, I donned a sparkly micro-mini (paired with a new piece of animal magic, a leopard tee from H&M) and hot-footed it down to Bloomsbury Bowl for a night of hedonism and free doughnuts. FYI: bowling when drunk is dangerous - itcan equal disaster or, sometimes, a great deal of fun. Thanks for a lovely time Loaded!
Style Slant: for men, it looks like tartan is still ruling the roost. For the Loaded women? Less was definitely more and body-con was embraced (a little too much in some cases.)

(Pics: I caught Tim Westwood scoffing the glazed doughnuts-I have a real soft spot for this 'baby boy'. The rest of the pictures involve me, Jamie Fullerton ( Niels Beenen, Su-Elise (previously of Misteeq fame), Bianca Gascoigne ('you are my namesake' I squealed! She retreated outside) with the rest of the glamour models) and the ever-charming, ever gorgeous Mr Carl Barat was DJing (now there's a man who can wear a suit - even when someone sprays a drink down the side of it).

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