Sunday, 24 May 2009

I'm Just Looking (I'm Not Buying)

There is very little more depressing than launching into a new season of inspiring fashion without the financial means to buy any of it. Not even enough to buy the rip-off versions in Primarni. (Get the violins out) What's a girl to do? I tend to wander around aimlessly, staring longingly into windows, hoping a handsome Clark Gable type will come along and say: 'do you really like that Stella dress? I'll buy it for you darling, just say the word.' Unfortunately, I am beginning to realise that this may be slightly unrealistic so instead I simply took some pictures of the best windows in High-end Designerland, New Bond Street and Bruton Street.

I loved this trannytastic imagery on New Bond Street
Diane Von Furstenburg embrace an Autumn pallette for Summer-I thought this window was really beautiful.

Stella McCartney's brilliant window was crammed full of inflatables-and three rather lovely dresses!

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