Friday, 5 June 2009

Juliette Lewis Rocks Koko

I have had a Juliette Lewis obsession since her portrayal of a preacher's daughter in Tarantino's 'From Dusk 'Til Dawn'. After other film triumphs such 'Natural Born Killers,' the star made her debut on the rock scene with her band The Licks. When a Hollywood actress decides to turn her hand to music, most critics take a sharp intake of breath and prepare for a new level of caustic but Juliette has managed to avoid above-average levels of criticism with her enthusiastic, energetic live performances.

I saw Lewis perform (newly without the Licks-she wants ‘to get creative, get a little crazier’ and this has apparently meant going it alone) at London’s Koko club and was astounded by her complete disdain for standing still. My efforts to get some good snaps of what she was wearing were sadly thwarted by a combination of factors, mainly my cack-handed cameramanship and her complete inability to remain static for longer than a nano-second. Here are the best of a bad bunch:

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