Friday, 31 May 2013

Weeping for Willows

I'm weeping tears of joy for Mulberry's Willow bags. They've just come out in new colours including Emerald, Oxblood and Mulberry Pink! Here are my favourite shades:

Thursday, 30 May 2013

My 5 Travel Essentials

It has taken me nearly 28 years to realise that I am NOT someone who can ‘travel light’. If I was held at gunpoint, here are the five things (apart from my passport and toothbrush) that I simply couldn't do without on holiday.

1. Amazing Holiday Fragrance

I love using a special scent on holiday, so I can be reminded of fun, sunny times all year round. Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess smells like summer in a bottle; exactly what you need when the weather is usually more Blackpool than Bali.

2. New Sunglasses 

I’m planning to rock a ‘Dolce and Gabbana on the cheap’ vibe this summer, so I bought these flowery shades from I’ll be wearing them with a headscarf (also from and big dangly earrings.

3. Bikinis Galore 

I get at least one new Freya bikini every year. I absolutely love them for their on-trend styles and unrivalled support. I just got the South Pacific style; the only time I have ever been able to wear a bandeau bikini without looking indecent! I’m taking my favourites from last year too.

4. Great Haircare 

My first sunny holiday is going to be at Mum and Dad’s house in Italy. It’s especially important for me to take a nice shampoo because the stuff they use leaves a lot to be desired (usually some kind of supermarket own brand *shudder*). This summer, I’ll be using the Oh! Summer Hair Rescue Kit by Galvin & Galvin. The Organic Head Everyday shampoo and conditioners are only £4; the perfect way to protect your hair from sun and chlorine. They make your hair feel light, clean and glossy; exactly what I want from my haircare.

5. Fab New Beach Towel 

I've got my eye on this leopard beach towel by Star Julian Macdonald. Everyone will laugh at me because most of what I pack will be leopard print. I also quite like the pink Ben de Lisi one.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Savoir Faire with Frenchologie

Roland Mouret, Brie, Jean Christophe Novelli, the baguette, Chopard, Cartier, Olivier Martinez, Raymond Blanc and the Croque Monsieur are just some of my favourite French exports. How wonderful, then, that Frenchologie founders Beatrice Drovandi and Cecilia Cauville have found a way of grouping wonderful French designers and brands in one easy to access, stylish place. I searched their ‘New In’ section but couldn't locate Olivier Martinez, sadly.

Despite living very near France (Belgium) for eleven years, it seems that somehow I missed the finer points of French etiquette. Thankfully, Frenchologie has just launched; the Frenchologie Guide to French Etiquette and hosted a launch event at Antidote, an organic winery just off London’s bustling Carnaby Street.

After having a look at a selection of Frenchologie’s gorgeous goods, we had an introduction to French social etiquette from Tamiko Zablith, director of Minding Manners and international social etiquette and protocol expert. According to Tamiko, you should:

-Never take 13 flowers to a French dinner party (this is considered unlucky)
-Keep your wrists above, and elbows off, the table at all times
-Never add seasoning to your food – bad form
-Always hold your wine glass by the stem, in your left hand. This will leave your right free to greet people

The evening was rounded off with an amazing cheese and wine tasting. Antidote uses the same cheese suppliers as some of London’s top Michelin Starred venues and it. Was. Delicious.

Visit Frenchologie for the latest in French fashion, beauty, home wares and gourmet gastronomy. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Pond’s Institute - Classically Beautiful

In a world of overly scientific blurb and false promises, a lot can be said for a simple, classic product. Cult favourite Pond’s (famous for over a century for its cold cream) has made a comeback as ‘Pond’s Institute’.

We popped down to the Dorchester (as you do) to try the new formulations and get some expert make-up advice from Arabella Preston. Arabella famously advised the Duchess of Cornwall on her wedding look and has worked with Edie Campbell and Victoria Pendleton amongst others. It was amazing to get some advice, as I am doing my friend Jo’s wedding make-up in a few weeks’ time. Flatteringly, Arabella seemed impressed by my efforts but suggested some helpful tweaks, “you need a bit more powder on the end of her nose”. She really knew her stuff and I feel much more confident after getting her expert advice!

Product-wise, I was most impressed with the Pond’s Institute Eye Contour, RRP £7.99 and the Hydro-Nourishing Cream (for normal to dry skin) £4.07.

Great price, effective product. That’s all we’re asking for, right ladies?

Available from mid-may in Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Superdrug, Lloyds and online at

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Totally Tropical – the Beauty of Sun Protection

An unexpected heatwave made everyone feel totally tropical at the Hawaiian Tropic event last week. We scaled the heady heights of Centre Point to reach glamorous Paramount. As dusk descended, we sipped tasty, fruity cocktails as we tried out products from the new range. I’m most excited about the prospect of ‘24 hour moisturisation’ with the Aftersun from the Silk Hydration range. The rich factor 30 Silk Hydration sun lotion (boasting 12 hour moisturisation) has moisturising ribbons and smells like summer in a bottle – one of the best things about this cult brand. I didn’t know they did lip glosses too! I’ll be glamming it up in Italy and Ibiza this year, and they’ll be perfect for that.

Come on sun, I’m so ready for you.