Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Savoir Faire with Frenchologie

Roland Mouret, Brie, Jean Christophe Novelli, the baguette, Chopard, Cartier, Olivier Martinez, Raymond Blanc and the Croque Monsieur are just some of my favourite French exports. How wonderful, then, that Frenchologie founders Beatrice Drovandi and Cecilia Cauville have found a way of grouping wonderful French designers and brands in one easy to access, stylish place. I searched their ‘New In’ section but couldn't locate Olivier Martinez, sadly.

Despite living very near France (Belgium) for eleven years, it seems that somehow I missed the finer points of French etiquette. Thankfully, Frenchologie has just launched; the Frenchologie Guide to French Etiquette and hosted a launch event at Antidote, an organic winery just off London’s bustling Carnaby Street.

After having a look at a selection of Frenchologie’s gorgeous goods, we had an introduction to French social etiquette from Tamiko Zablith, director of Minding Manners and international social etiquette and protocol expert. According to Tamiko, you should:

-Never take 13 flowers to a French dinner party (this is considered unlucky)
-Keep your wrists above, and elbows off, the table at all times
-Never add seasoning to your food – bad form
-Always hold your wine glass by the stem, in your left hand. This will leave your right free to greet people

The evening was rounded off with an amazing cheese and wine tasting. Antidote uses the same cheese suppliers as some of London’s top Michelin Starred venues and it. Was. Delicious.

Visit Frenchologie for the latest in French fashion, beauty, home wares and gourmet gastronomy. 

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