Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dancing for Joy at TKMaxx

TKMaxx Charing Cross hosted a really fun event last week; a silent disco! We had drinks and nibbles before donning our headphones and hitting the shop floor for a boogie. Dancing sober was sadly a new experience for me, but the enthusiastic choreographer soon had people wiggling and moving like uninhibited pros. 

They say that if a piece of clothing makes you feel like dancing, you should buy it immediately. Silent disco circumstances aside, I fully subscribe to this theory and it certainly made me feel like pirouetting when I spied a Balmain top for double digits and a pair of Stella McCartney heels with 70% off. 

I’m normally loyal to the brand’s Hammersmith and Banbury stores, but I had no idea their Charing Cross flagship was such a hidden gem! Cut price Le Creuset crockery, an incredible murano glass dog and the holographic Ice Cream design book all caught my eye, but it was the shoe floor which truly blew me away. I found some stunning size 7 purple Luella heels which would have gone with my entire Luella collection (it still makes me weep when I think that nobody saved this incredible British label). The poor dears had seen better days though; the sole was peeling off on one of them and another wore a tear as a war wound. I had hoped for further discounting, but unfortunately the manager could only manage to go down to £80. Still far too much for me. It makes me sad to think of them sitting there for years to come. TKMaxx, if you’re listening, liberate them to me and I can promise I will give them some TLC and then show them a great, glamorous time. 

You can’t beat TKMaxx for a fab designer bargain. Their Gold Label designer stuff is brilliant. Great for sunnies and cosmetics too, I swear by the genius of this brand. (NOW can I have the shoes? Please?).

Becky B 'does her thing'


'avin it

Oh the ones that got away

I bought these funky headphones


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