Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hackett and Williams cross the starting line

It isn’t every day you get the chance to race a F1 star - when it comes along, you have to grab the steering wheel with both hands.

Last week, Hackett and Williams hosted an event to celebrate their partnership ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. Driver Valtteri Bottas set a lap time on a driving simulator and guests were invited to try and beat it.

It was a lovely opportunity to see Hackett’s latest collection and some of the unique pieces created to celebrate the partnership.

The event itself was typically glam with delicious cocktails and canap├ęs. Guests included Susie Wolff, Claire Williams, former motorsport team boss and racing car driver Freddie Hunt.

‘Motorsport has been a part of the Hackett DNA for many years now and the prospect of working with one of the giants of F1 sends shivers up and down my spine. The Martini racing stripe has always been heralded as a marque of prestige and luxury and it seemed only natural for Hackett to style the team for the new season. I also noticed that Hackett was founded the same time Williams won its first World omen, if ever there was one!’ – Jeremy Hackett.

The first of many tasty cocktails

Bottas takes the wheel

Neil meets a hero

Interesting interiors in the Hackett shop on Regent Street

Lovely suits

Bottas and a magician

Love these accessories...

...although I look a bit scared wearing them!

Neil meets Claire Williams

Hip to be square

A neon driving track

Sshhh, I don't really drive...

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Smile Brighter this Summer

After many glorious, fun-filled years of drinking tea, coffee, wine and (eek) smoking, my smile was less ‘Brilliant White’ and more ‘Filthy Magnolia.’ I recently started using BlanX toothpaste to rectify the situation.

I’ve been wary of whitening toothpastes in the past – my teeth can be very sensitive – but decided to push on through in the name of beauty. The unique BlanX formula contains naturally whitening products such as Arctic Lichen and Bamboo Micro Powder.

After using BlanX Advance Whitening Toothpaste (RRP £7.89) and BlanX Intensive Stain Removal (RRP £6.30) for about a month, I have definitely started to notice a difference. BlanX packaging comes with a handy tester strip so you can see how the colour of your teeth changes through using the products. I found it very satisfying to track the progress and have moved from a decidedly yellowy ‘4’ to a more palatable ‘x.’ I haven’t noticed any increased sensitivity in my teeth so far either so I’m planning to continue using the products until my teeth are pearly white once more. You can buy BlanX products in major chemists and supermarkets.

If, like me, you also enjoy a quick-fire cosmetic solution, here are my top three tips for an instantly brighter smile:

1.     Tan your face, and tan it hard. A healthy smothering of something like Sleep Mask by James Read works wonders. It’s the contrast between face and teeth that makes them look whiter
2.     Use a blue-based lip product like ‘Hello Sailor’ by Lipstick Queen 
3.     Or try a blue-based red lipstick. I like LadyDanger by Mac or my ‘Monica’ red lipstick by Dolce & Gabbana



Friday, 15 May 2015

Something Appy for the Weekend

Every now and then, an app comes along that Blows. Your. Mind. ‘Makeup Genius’ by L’Oreal is one such app. “Bianca, you are going to love this” said my friend Rachael George. She was right, and you will too.

In a nutshell, you stare gormlessly into an oval ‘mirror’ on your phone for a while, and then you can ‘try on’ different L’Oreal make-up looks and products. On your actual face. The virtual make-up moves with you, it’s insane. Afterwards, you can share the results (ranging from the mental to the marvellous) with your social media friends.

As a complete make-up addict, I’m just completely and utterly into it. There’s not really much more to say – it’s free, so download it here and have an incredible, beauty-filled weekend.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Monki Business

Monki helped me remember there was life after a four-day weekend by throwing a wonderful party on Wednesday night. Celebrating their new and improved store at 37 Carnaby Street, music was provided by Mapei and the Braid Bar were busy plaiting everyone’s hair into designs so elaborate that ‘watch You Tube braiding tutorials’ is now top of my to-do list this weekend. Monki is always a great spot for on-trend, fun pieces and pretty good for basics too – I love my high-waisted Monki jeans so much - I just realised I wore every day this week. There were several pieces from their new collection that caught my eye (khaki pleated skirt, floaty, 70’s style yellow kaftan) but the party was pumping so hard that I thought it would be best to go back another time to do a proper shop. That’s number 2 on the weekend plan.  

Monday, 30 March 2015

Take a Fashion Pill and call me in the morning

If you like you’re your online shopping fast with a healthy dose of current trend, you’ll love Fashion Pills. Based in Spain, the brand specialises in “the fashion lovers and addicts, the ones who never conform or play by the rules.”

Their team is constantly looking for the latest trends and styles, but more than anything they look to people like you for inspiration. From their Fashion Guides, Lookbooks and editorials, they concentrate on staying on the cutting edge so you can always stay connected.

I love this black and white dress from their own ‘FP’ collection. It’s reduced to just £22 in the sale! It’s got a serious vibe of the ‘Herve Legers’ about it, obviously at a fraction of the cost. I’ll be wearing it with my favourite Zara jumper in the day and with my bestest Sophia Webster heels at night. I’ll take a snap when I actually brave the weather for an evening out. In the meantime, here are some shots of the outfits I’ve planned.

Styled for day

(Clockwise: Conic dress by Fashion Pills, a scarf my mum knitted, jumper by Zara, boots by Topshop)

Styled for night

(Clockwise: Conic dress by Fashion Pills, jacket by H&M, vintage belt, shoes by Sophia Webster)