Friday, 3 June 2016

Summer Styling: the 70's

I recently had a shag.

Not THAT, smutty, I had a haircut, 'the shag'.

I love it - it makes me feel all Freja Beha Ericsson and 70's and that. But there is a problem: my clothes don't match my image anymore, they're not retro enough. I think these pieces by New Look, Paige and Monki will help.

New Look jacket in my signature leopard

My new Paige top with a Kit Heath necklace from yonks ago

The full outfit - the jeans are also by Paige, bell-bottoms, let's bring them back for their unbeatable hip-balancing qualities alone.

My new fave Monki sandals, you need a good, solid heel with any kind of flare.

I think this Monki is so convincing, great for piercing commitment-phobes like me!

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