Thursday, 30 April 2009

Michael Kors Store Opening

Oh t'was a glamorous affair the best of the best of British press turned up too enjoy the opening of Michael Kors' New Bond Street store opening: Hilary Alexander and Alexandra Shulman were both there as was Erin O' Connor, Vanessa Mae and the main man, Michael was naturally there too. The drinks flowed, the models looked pretty and all of the important people (I, um, had other plans) decamped to a posh restaurant for some grub afterwards. The clothes in't store were nautical. Nice pieces but even I am feeling a little tired of this revival. It's Micheal K though, so obviously he does resort better than the rest. The pics:

Erin and me (I promise I am not stalking her-second time in 2 weeks!)

Hilary Alexander looking fabulous in a Mawi necklace and a brooch she was anonymously sent...

Alexandra Shulman has a chat with MK

Mugatu, sorry, Michael looking fierce. I would not want to face this face on Project Runway with a crappy design, let's just put it that way.

Pretty shoes and stripper shoes

A really irritatingly pretty girl. Seriously, bet you she is good at sport and got straight 'A's at school. Some people have all the luck. Harrumph.

Gold shoes belonging to...

The lovely Steven from Harpers Bazaar-loving that headphone necklace. So much better than perma-dangling white ones on the tube. My I-pod earphones actually look like these-they have gold earpieces and big diamante. I would take a pic but it's late, I'll do it another time, promise.


Monsieur Dj

This much zebra-print is so wrong it's right

Monday, 27 April 2009

Fashion Slant News

Did you know that Drama Magazine are teaming up with Black Knave for a night of digital media and fashion? The party is to take place at Maddox club (Mayfair) on Weds 29th April from 9pm. Obviously, I love a good party and will be there with bells on. See you there, dear readers.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Forevermark and Shaun Leane 'White Light' Launch

Diamond brand ‘Forevermark’ unveiled a piece designed for them by Shaun Leane on the eve of St George’s day. Leane has previously designed for a number of high profile names including every fashionista’s catwalk favourite, Alexander McQueen. I have followed his work for a while now so was delighted to attend this launch, held at Altitude 360°, near Pimlico. With views to rival even the London Eye, the spectacular venue was the perfect place to showcase this amazing brooch.

The brooch, Leane says, ‘encapsulates the first snow of winter which falls, reducing everything to zero, man eclipsed by a quiet cover of pure white.’ It really was incredible to behold, studded with diamonds against pearlised enamel. The piece was rendered even more stunning when placed on the magnificent canvas of the legendary Erin O’Connor.

The brooch is currently on a global tour and will be exhibited in Beijing, China and Tokyo later this year.

My only regret? Missing Moss who left minutes before I arrived. Oh well, a girl can’t have diamonds and two supermodels, I suppose.

Roland Mouret, Erin and Shaun Leane

Savannah Miller

Moi et Mouret. Okay, I didn't know he would be there so was slightly annoyed that this was the evening I chose to wear my Dorothy Perkins Galaxy rip-off. He was lovely and charming about it though. I said if I caould afford to, I would buy all of his dresses. 'yes, one day' he said. No offer of free Galaxies all round. Hey ho. I really fancy him - gorgeous, non?!

The stylish crowd

Shaun and Erin and brooch

Love this brooch too (but not quite as much!)

Don't try and run off with it and we'll all get along just fine.

Yay! It's a lovely brooch

Shaun's gorgeous PR (l) and partner (r)

And his elegant mother

Friday, 24 April 2009

Great Gallery, but Pure Evil

I stumbled across a wonderful gallery the other day and simply had to share. The artist-run space is on Leonard Street, Hoxton (nearest tube is Old St) and hosts a range of interesting contemporary urban art. The space itself is great, if a little ramshackle (if you go, take care going down the Dickensian stairs!) and the pieces featured are inspirational and bright.

This haven of fresh, unspoiled talent is worth a visit whenever you’re in the neighbourhood (and can tear yourself away from Favela Chic’s tasty drinks and stop shopping in Spitalfields for long enough). There is something for everyone and the ambience (and the disposition of the artist who runs it) is unpretentious and pleasantly welcoming. It made me feel like buying spray-paint and getting creative with something other than words. My attempt was too dire to print so perhaps I’ll leave it to the experts for now. How much do you love the pandas?

Ooh love the rawness of it. Also can never resist good light.

Poser? Moi? No, unpretentious, I promise. Very embarrassed but wanted you to see these paintings!

Pandas DO rock. I want a panda like Gene Simmons

Shall we? Can we have both instead?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday so I took my (slightly worse for wear) self down to the beautiful Bordello underwear store, 55 Great Eastern Street, to the launch of Heather Stimmler-Hall’s new book, the ‘Naughty Paris Guide.’ I was greeted warmly and given lots of pink champagne (which helped!), little macaroons and sarnies. After having a browse through the pretty silk 50’s-inspired lingerie, I was soon ready to talk dirty with the author! Heather has previously written for Time Out and the content of her book is thorough and designed with a wonderfully feminine approach.

Inside, Heather directs you to the best Parisian perfume and ooh-la-la…lingerie stores as well as recommending enough sexy boutique hotels to get even the most tired of hearts beating fast. Not ‘au-fait’ with French flirting styles? Heather lives in Paris and knows just what to expect! With over 200 photos, the book is very pretty to look at and would make the perfect present for any wannabe Frenchie.

There are mentions of fetish clubs for the more daring but this is more a peek of a bra-strap rather than the Full Monty. This was a point that Heather was keen to drive home. “I want anyone who is interested in Paris to visit my site without worry” she impressed. American-born, Heather has lived in Paris for a long time and this is clear to see from the book-her knowledge is bountiful and, as a very stylish lady herself, you can see why she has penned this book for the ‘Sex & the City generation’ of gals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to book my ticket on le Eurostar for some Parisian adventures: au revoir mes amies!

Download a free chapter of the ‘Naughty Paris Guide’ at
You can buy the book at any big ol’ bookstore or at

The web address of the lovely haven of girly that is Bordello:

Author Heather Stimmler-Hall

Okay, I know I look a bit miserable but I was concentrating on keeping that pillerbox atop my cranium

Okay, these are my new favourite things: FRUITY Ferrero Rocher. The strawberry one made the trip home on the dreaded 149 positively bearable!

Pretty soap

Potential admirers: I want this sent to me asap please

The lady on the right is Rachel Gold, a personal stylist for with a lady looking fantabulous in orange

I'm a Gemini, I get pink!!!

Christina Aguilera probably wants this set and so do I

Okay, they're £19 quid but I would be sooo careful with them! I also love the ones bottom right but they are £50 and I am a realist if nothing else. But they are studded with metal...

Practically: PVC=sweaty crotch. Fantastically: I + them=true love

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Top Models and a Mad Hatter

As an avid ‘Top Model’ fan and a lover of all things millinery, I was pleased to be invited to a showcase of Louis Mariette’s work. The talented milliner is also the latest judge to join the Britain’s Next Top Model panel. A celebration of Louis Mariette’s dramatic, inspirational head-pieces, the party was held in the plush surroundings of his Sloane Gardens showroom and home.

There was a room dedicated entirely to crystal-encrusted pieces: a true haven for a fashion magpies like myself. In the larger part of the studio, hats ‘wowed’ with large-scale, grand pieces that hung next to the most feminine and delicate of fascinators. The effect was excessive and impressive: just the antidote to the minimalism promoted in this difficult recession. Each piece held its own and, as guests munched on delicious mini Hummingbird cupcakes and sushi snippets, muffled expressions of admiration were undeniable.

Louis himself seems like a fabulous character; it’s always so refreshing when you can clearly see the designer’s personal aesthetic directly reflected in their work. Vogue and ID are both Mariette fans and celebrities such as Sophie Dahl and Alek Wek also champion his unapologetically flamboyant style. These are hats that make you want to run to Ascot, if only to behave raucously in a Swarovski-encrusted bonnet.

The Evening Standard's charming head of fashion, Maurice Mullen and myself

I sport the 'Russian Princess' look

Mia experiments with crystal

I need this bonnet in the most desperate of ways.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Summer Transformation 1: Hair Today, Some Gone Tomorrow

As the summer months approach, transformation is a subject on everyone's minds-more salad is consumed, replacing winter's hearty soups and mammouth doses of chocolate (although, after today there is some serious egg munching to be done). Gym memberships are renewed in a bid to get that all-important 'bikini body'.

Pallid, sun-deprived complexions are sprayed a deep and 'healthy-looking' orange. Hair-wise, highlights are applauded and 'beach-hair' comes around yet again.

My friend Nicola decided her barnet needed a lighter-textured, more summery look. After wetting her hair, I sectioned it into three and worked on chopping some chunky layers before point-cutting into the ends to make it feel lighter. Nicola's fringe was growing out so I intergrated it into the front layering. After the cutting was complete, I finshed by spreading a golf ball-sized amount of volumising mousse (I used Shockwaves) evenly through the lengths and blowdried. Some brunette-specific grooming cream (by John Frieda) and some Toni & Guy shine spray completed the look. Next stop? Summer make-up, coming to Fashion Slant soon.


The cutting