Thursday, 2 April 2009

Kickers and 'Modern Bandits'

I popped along to the Lock Tavern in Camden last night for the launch of ‘Random Bandits,’ a new series of animated films in association with Kickers and the hilarious, Modern Toss.

There were some great DJ sets from Hot Chip, Broken Hearts and Team Mega Mix vs. Worth it. Apparently Foals DJ-ed too but unfortunately (if you can call it that) I was too busy chowing down on sausage and chips in the garden outside to notice. Daisy Lowe and her boyf Will put in an appearance. I sense Daisy is the sort of person who would have a goddess-like radiance in a shell suit which I find more than aggravating.

Not much else to report, really: free drinks again, great music, especially from Team Mega Mix who get extra-special brownie points for playing my all-time favourite ‘No Diggity’ by Blackstreet and reminding me of the brilliant Busta’s ‘Ass on Fire.’ I think my friends were becoming a little embarrassed by my increasingly bold dance moves so, muttering about kissing frogs with Saz (do not ask) we made a move- obviously grabbing a goody bag with T-shirt on the way. Fabulous: a messy pub night with your mates where dinner is chips and the drinks are free and flowing nicely.

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Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Team Mega Mix are really mega..and in fact I loved your dance moves, especially when you 'let your hair down'. Literally.
Fun fun night my dear