Sunday, 5 April 2009

Barbie's New Wheels

I don't drive for three very good reasons:

1. I was born to be driven.
2. I have all the common sense of a newly-born gnat.
3. I find it all quite frightening.

If, for whatever reason I decided to get behind the wheel (my chauffeur failed to turn up, I suddenly got a clue, I became a little braver) then you can bet your newly-purchased Gucci sandals that I would be driving something not entirely dissimilar to this:

Sick, isn't it? I was once the proud owner of a Barbie caravan and, when I wasn't spinning wild, love-triangle fantasies for long-haired-Barbie, her evil twin sister (my friend Gemma's Barbie)and an unsuspecting Ken, I used to spend hours and hours dreaming of 'shrinking technology' that would 'ensmallen' me enough to go and explore Barbie's world properly. Fiat have created this one-off Barbie car to celebrate Barbie's 50th birthday. Extras include sparkly crystal accessories and...a vanity case inside. What more could you want?


Helen-LG said...

That is quite Barbie-esque.

I had the caravan too! But I then went on a caravan holiday and realised it's only glamorous and exciting if you're doing it in Barbie-land with sunny beach backdrops. A rainy week in Southend can ruin the magic a bit!

Hayley De Beers said...

Finally managed to have a look at the blog - love it, love it! Its truly amazing Bianca, feel privilidged to be on here, if a little unworthy!