Monday, 20 April 2009

Naughty Paris: A Lady’s Guide to the Sexy City

Yesterday was a lovely sunny Sunday so I took my (slightly worse for wear) self down to the beautiful Bordello underwear store, 55 Great Eastern Street, to the launch of Heather Stimmler-Hall’s new book, the ‘Naughty Paris Guide.’ I was greeted warmly and given lots of pink champagne (which helped!), little macaroons and sarnies. After having a browse through the pretty silk 50’s-inspired lingerie, I was soon ready to talk dirty with the author! Heather has previously written for Time Out and the content of her book is thorough and designed with a wonderfully feminine approach.

Inside, Heather directs you to the best Parisian perfume and ooh-la-la…lingerie stores as well as recommending enough sexy boutique hotels to get even the most tired of hearts beating fast. Not ‘au-fait’ with French flirting styles? Heather lives in Paris and knows just what to expect! With over 200 photos, the book is very pretty to look at and would make the perfect present for any wannabe Frenchie.

There are mentions of fetish clubs for the more daring but this is more a peek of a bra-strap rather than the Full Monty. This was a point that Heather was keen to drive home. “I want anyone who is interested in Paris to visit my site without worry” she impressed. American-born, Heather has lived in Paris for a long time and this is clear to see from the book-her knowledge is bountiful and, as a very stylish lady herself, you can see why she has penned this book for the ‘Sex & the City generation’ of gals.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to book my ticket on le Eurostar for some Parisian adventures: au revoir mes amies!

Download a free chapter of the ‘Naughty Paris Guide’ at
You can buy the book at any big ol’ bookstore or at

The web address of the lovely haven of girly that is Bordello:

Author Heather Stimmler-Hall

Okay, I know I look a bit miserable but I was concentrating on keeping that pillerbox atop my cranium

Okay, these are my new favourite things: FRUITY Ferrero Rocher. The strawberry one made the trip home on the dreaded 149 positively bearable!

Pretty soap

Potential admirers: I want this sent to me asap please

The lady on the right is Rachel Gold, a personal stylist for with a lady looking fantabulous in orange

I'm a Gemini, I get pink!!!

Christina Aguilera probably wants this set and so do I

Okay, they're £19 quid but I would be sooo careful with them! I also love the ones bottom right but they are £50 and I am a realist if nothing else. But they are studded with metal...

Practically: PVC=sweaty crotch. Fantastically: I + them=true love

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