Sunday, 12 April 2009

Summer Transformation 1: Hair Today, Some Gone Tomorrow

As the summer months approach, transformation is a subject on everyone's minds-more salad is consumed, replacing winter's hearty soups and mammouth doses of chocolate (although, after today there is some serious egg munching to be done). Gym memberships are renewed in a bid to get that all-important 'bikini body'.

Pallid, sun-deprived complexions are sprayed a deep and 'healthy-looking' orange. Hair-wise, highlights are applauded and 'beach-hair' comes around yet again.

My friend Nicola decided her barnet needed a lighter-textured, more summery look. After wetting her hair, I sectioned it into three and worked on chopping some chunky layers before point-cutting into the ends to make it feel lighter. Nicola's fringe was growing out so I intergrated it into the front layering. After the cutting was complete, I finshed by spreading a golf ball-sized amount of volumising mousse (I used Shockwaves) evenly through the lengths and blowdried. Some brunette-specific grooming cream (by John Frieda) and some Toni & Guy shine spray completed the look. Next stop? Summer make-up, coming to Fashion Slant soon.


The cutting


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