Friday, 24 April 2009

Great Gallery, but Pure Evil

I stumbled across a wonderful gallery the other day and simply had to share. The artist-run space is on Leonard Street, Hoxton (nearest tube is Old St) and hosts a range of interesting contemporary urban art. The space itself is great, if a little ramshackle (if you go, take care going down the Dickensian stairs!) and the pieces featured are inspirational and bright.

This haven of fresh, unspoiled talent is worth a visit whenever you’re in the neighbourhood (and can tear yourself away from Favela Chic’s tasty drinks and stop shopping in Spitalfields for long enough). There is something for everyone and the ambience (and the disposition of the artist who runs it) is unpretentious and pleasantly welcoming. It made me feel like buying spray-paint and getting creative with something other than words. My attempt was too dire to print so perhaps I’ll leave it to the experts for now. How much do you love the pandas?

Ooh love the rawness of it. Also can never resist good light.

Poser? Moi? No, unpretentious, I promise. Very embarrassed but wanted you to see these paintings!

Pandas DO rock. I want a panda like Gene Simmons

Shall we? Can we have both instead?

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