Saturday, 25 April 2009

Forevermark and Shaun Leane 'White Light' Launch

Diamond brand ‘Forevermark’ unveiled a piece designed for them by Shaun Leane on the eve of St George’s day. Leane has previously designed for a number of high profile names including every fashionista’s catwalk favourite, Alexander McQueen. I have followed his work for a while now so was delighted to attend this launch, held at Altitude 360°, near Pimlico. With views to rival even the London Eye, the spectacular venue was the perfect place to showcase this amazing brooch.

The brooch, Leane says, ‘encapsulates the first snow of winter which falls, reducing everything to zero, man eclipsed by a quiet cover of pure white.’ It really was incredible to behold, studded with diamonds against pearlised enamel. The piece was rendered even more stunning when placed on the magnificent canvas of the legendary Erin O’Connor.

The brooch is currently on a global tour and will be exhibited in Beijing, China and Tokyo later this year.

My only regret? Missing Moss who left minutes before I arrived. Oh well, a girl can’t have diamonds and two supermodels, I suppose.

Roland Mouret, Erin and Shaun Leane

Savannah Miller

Moi et Mouret. Okay, I didn't know he would be there so was slightly annoyed that this was the evening I chose to wear my Dorothy Perkins Galaxy rip-off. He was lovely and charming about it though. I said if I caould afford to, I would buy all of his dresses. 'yes, one day' he said. No offer of free Galaxies all round. Hey ho. I really fancy him - gorgeous, non?!

The stylish crowd

Shaun and Erin and brooch

Love this brooch too (but not quite as much!)

Don't try and run off with it and we'll all get along just fine.

Yay! It's a lovely brooch

Shaun's gorgeous PR (l) and partner (r)

And his elegant mother

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