Thursday, 30 April 2009

Michael Kors Store Opening

Oh t'was a glamorous affair the best of the best of British press turned up too enjoy the opening of Michael Kors' New Bond Street store opening: Hilary Alexander and Alexandra Shulman were both there as was Erin O' Connor, Vanessa Mae and the main man, Michael was naturally there too. The drinks flowed, the models looked pretty and all of the important people (I, um, had other plans) decamped to a posh restaurant for some grub afterwards. The clothes in't store were nautical. Nice pieces but even I am feeling a little tired of this revival. It's Micheal K though, so obviously he does resort better than the rest. The pics:

Erin and me (I promise I am not stalking her-second time in 2 weeks!)

Hilary Alexander looking fabulous in a Mawi necklace and a brooch she was anonymously sent...

Alexandra Shulman has a chat with MK

Mugatu, sorry, Michael looking fierce. I would not want to face this face on Project Runway with a crappy design, let's just put it that way.

Pretty shoes and stripper shoes

A really irritatingly pretty girl. Seriously, bet you she is good at sport and got straight 'A's at school. Some people have all the luck. Harrumph.

Gold shoes belonging to...

The lovely Steven from Harpers Bazaar-loving that headphone necklace. So much better than perma-dangling white ones on the tube. My I-pod earphones actually look like these-they have gold earpieces and big diamante. I would take a pic but it's late, I'll do it another time, promise.


Monsieur Dj

This much zebra-print is so wrong it's right

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