Monday, 5 September 2016

Sophia's Choice

As soon as I saw a pair of Sophia Webster shoes, I knew they were for me – bright, colourful with a witty, fun approach to design. I knew that if I were a shoe designer, I would create similar styles.

But I’m not a shoe designer – I’m a copywriter, so I settled for working hard, saving my wages and starting my own collection of Sophia Webster heels, these ones, so far:



As soon as I saw I saw the #Pimpmycoco competition, I knew I had to enter. Hosted on Instagram, Sophia Webster provided a blank template of her popular Coco style, for her loyal fans to customise. I printed off about 10 copies and got busy with my Sharpies and highlighters. A sneaky lunchbreak doodle at work, a scribble in front of the telly and before I knew it, I had amassed quite the collection! I posted all of them on Instagram but had a feeling when I did it that one pair stood out against the rest, my Neon Leopard design:

You can see my other designs over on Instagram.

I followed the competition avidly – there were so many amazing entries – Sophia's fans were really going to town. It was such a fun, creative outlet and I thought it was lovely how all the fans supported each other with comments and likes.

Then one day, my friend Becky texted me – she had seen on Snapchat that I had made it to the final of the competition. I was amazed, given the standard and sheer volume of entries (there were over 1000). Wow, that was exciting. But that was nothing compared to the day I was in an Uber home, after a long photoshoot and got an Instagram notification saying I had WON with a video you can watch here. 

There was no other feeling like it, and now I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of my very own pair of custom-made Neon Leopard heels, designed by me and made by the Sophia Webster studio.

Big love and thanks to everyone who supported me, I’ll show you all a photo of the shoes when they arrive.

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