Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Shortlist Media Grand Party

I was lucky enough to attend the Shortlist Media Grand Party. A loyal reader of Stylist, Emerald Street, Shortlist and Mr Hyde (I love them all) it was great to join the celebrations.

There was an amazing ‘Willy Wonka’ theme and music was provided by Radio 1’s DJ MistaJam. We layered delicious grub from The Bowler and Annie Mae’s with a variety of cocktails and, of course, a lot of sweets.

We went home feeling happy, a bit tiddly and very, very full.

Skinny pins


There was a revolving bar

And a gin bar

A ketchup fountain

Lots of cherry Mai Tais

This man

A vodka louche

A Baileys fountain and chocolate cups

We took a lot of sweets home

And kissed Mr Hyde

And hugged him

Took selfies with the Emerald Street girls

Lickin' lollies

Saying 'hello'


Enjoying the sweet tree


Yum part 2

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