Monday, 3 March 2014

Nicer Tuesdays: Magazines

Sponsored by Park Communications, publishers ‘It’s Nice That’ hosted a fabulous evening of magazine talk at Mother London last month as part of their ‘Nicer Tuesdays’ series.

Nicer Tuesdays is a monthly event and February’s was curated by Vice’s Bruno Bayley, Wired art director Andrew Diprose, Riposte Founder Danielle Pender and Will Dean, editor of The Independent Magazine. 
There were lots of inspirational nuggets and free beer (woohoo!). I can’t share the beer with you (wish I could – idiotic blog platform) but I can treat you to some of the same interesting nuggets I enjoyed. 

-'Get another project'. Always have a personal project on the go, says Andrew Diprose of Wired and Rise 

-Learn how to share content across different mediums, making the most of the content you have  

-Magazines are about a variety of stories combined with making the most of print. 

-Vice’s Bruno Bayley thinks ‘People like to read long articles on paper (as opposed to digital platforms). Magazines are also great for illustration and photos.’

-Inspirational Danielle from Riposte magazine thinks it’s important to ‘Spend your time getting the content right instead of chasing advertisers in the beginning’. 

Attend the next 'Nicer Tuesday' 

Vice’s Bruno Bayley

Downstairs at Mother London

Stop daydreaming and listen to the talks!

Danielle from Riposte offered a refreshing take on women's magazines. No 'ring of shame' for her!

Quite right!

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