Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Prada Launch

I've had a Prada LG phone for about a year now. Our relationship began badly: my general cack-handedness was no match for his sleek buttons and sensitive nature. Just as we have begun to accept each other's differences, a new, sexier model had caught my eye: and he had a querty. So dirty.

The Prada launch party last night seemed like the perfect opportunity to see what this new boy was all about. As far as I could see, it looks good-the addition of the keyboard with change the lives of unfortunate chubby-fingered girls like myself. There's a camera too and it is 5m AF. I think this means it is a good one. The thing that really caught my eye was the matching watch-I love a good accessory. As well as looking fairly cool, the watch is connected to the mobile so that if someone texts your mobile, you can read on your wrist. I don't actually understand what the point of this is though-do some people sometimes detach themselves from their handset? I certainly do not.

I might be flighty but as I have only (barely) got to grips with touch-screen texting I may just stick with the familiar. For now...

1 comment:

hmm said...

this must still be on your mind since you brought it up last night as well! dont leave the touchyness.. you will miss the fingerprints on the screen.

yea im the guy who you met last night at the nme launch thingy whos fashion is going to be the first to be abused on your blog! infact you should abuse the tall guy i was with instead!