Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Make Up on the Move: Part 1

For most of us the temptation of spending more time in the sack is far more appealing more lengthy make-up application!

This fact would explain the increasing number of women choosing to do their faces during their commute to work. There’s no road too bumpy, no maneuver too sudden for us mobile make-up artists. Blearily we go, one stroke of mascara applied to each sleepy eye. Occasionally our ‘laziness’ is met with a derivative glance but I think it requires far more skill to apply make-up on the go than it does to do it from your dressing table. Never be ashamed.

In this mini-series I will be offering advice to everyone who thinks beauty sleep is more important than maintaining an ‘I look good all the time, no really!’ illusion.

To start with, let’s talk preparation:

Many cringe at the idea of leaving the house with a completely bare face (I surely do!) so getting the basics right before you embark on your journey is paramount. Here’s what to do when you wake up:

-Cleanse your face however you wish – in the shower to save time if you prefer!

-Apply a multi-tasking moisturizer

-Prime those eyelids

-Get an even base on and use some concealer if you need it

-Get glowing with something shimmery on your cheekbones, temples and under the eyes

-Define cheekbones and temples with some natural-looking bronzer

-Curl your eyelashes

-Remember to take the rest of the make-up you’ll need to complete your look en-route and be sure to include some anti-bacterial hand wipes in your kit

Product Suggestions:

(1) Balm Balm’s Organic Rose Face Balm is lovely and can be used as a cleanser, a lip balm, an exfoliator (when mixed with salt) and even a split-end hair tamer.

(2) Bremenn’s 6-in-1 Cream is a wrinkle cream, a firming cream, a smoothing cream, a toning cream, a brightening cream and a moisturizer! It’s amazing! www.harveynichols.co.uk

(3) I like Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray at the moment – great for preparing the under-eyes for concealer and the lids for liner and colour

(4) Lush’s new Colour Supplements are a good option as they can be used as foundations, tinted moisturizer (when mixed with a bit of moisturizer) and concealer too.

(5) Oskia’s Get Up and Glow is lovely and really makes you look healthier (and a bit less tired!)

(6) I use Mac Mineralize in Medium Dark or Medium Deep depending how tanned I want to be that day www.maccosmetics.com

(7) Shu Uemura’s metal curlers continue to be a popular choice.

(8) Halo Hygenic Hand Wipes are fab

Look out for Part 2 when we’ll apply on-the-go!

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Melissa C. said...

I love eb5! It's by far the best anti-aging skin cream I've tried. And it's reasonably priced!