Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Nail Fad Hits London

A favourite Sunday activity of mine is to sit in front of a Come Dine With Me marathon and do my nails. This activity was made even more enjoyable because I had a new toy to play with - Barry M's new Nail Effects. You paint your nails any colour you like (in this case I used white) then wait for it to dry before applying a thin layer of this magical black, matte polish. As it dries, it cracks and give a marvellous leopard-like effect. Expect a lot of experimenting and more photos to follow! OPI do a version too but it probably costs about a million quid and does exactly the same thing so I'm sticking with my wallet-friendly fave.

Barry M Nail Paint 311 in Instant Nail Effects Black Magic costs around £5.00 and can be found in Superdrug. (If there are any bottles left!)

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