Monday, 6 June 2011

Festival Fix-up at Exposure PR!

It’s not every day you get the chance to be treated like a celeb but the lovely Caroline Bradley fixed it for me.

Exposure PR hosted an exclusive ‘Green Room’ for festival season so I went along to see how it all worked. Lots of presenters, bands and singers had been through the company’s shiny Little Portland Street doors, collecting clothing and accessories to make them stand out stylishly at festivals. I’m off to both Bestival and Lovebox for the first time this year so was very excited at the prospect of being dressed properly for them!

The last festival I went to was Glastonbury (on the rainiest year to date) and I wore: a crappy old pair of Primark jeans, my mum’s sorry-looking anorak and a (fake) Von Dutch cap to keep the rain out of my eyes. The one time I tried to look a bit fancy, I wore cut-off denim shorts and the mud stuck to my leg stubble, nice.

Thanks to Caroline and the wonderful Exposure and their brands, this year I will now be packing:

-My new skinny black Cheap Monday jeans
-Snazzy silver Hunter wellies with a snakeskin texture
-A double-sided Toywatch (no excuse to be late for bands when you’re wearing two watches in one!)
-A heart-shaped Lego brooch by Lyrics 4 Lyrics (current fans include Pharrell and the Black Eyed Peas)
-Lots of lovely Revlon make-up (including a mango-scented nail varnish, I’m smelling my nails as I type this!)
-A Shiseido lip crayon
-Biore wet wipes
-Jergens Naturals body lotion
-Goody Stayput hair elastics (they’ve got rubber on them for better grip)
-La La Lashes false eye lashes (no more mascara running down my face if it pours it down again)

That’s better. Maybe now I should do as my friend Charlotte plans to and book in for a wash and blowdry mid-festie? (She’s going to the Isle of Wight one). Perhaps a spray tan too? I thought this was all a tad TOWIE at first but now I don’t want to let the lovely new stuff down by looking straggly!

Here are some pics - there are more to follow but the photo uploader is being dodgy; stay tuned.

Make-up by Revlon, Shiseido and more!

Exposure PR's Green Room

Caroline Bradley

The festival loot!

My lovely new wellies (I tried them out for the first time today!)

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