Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Facing Summer

I used to love it when my face got brown. First the bridge of my nose and under my eyes would turn pink and then go a soft fawny caramel in a couple of days. Did it make me look healthier? Yes. Was it harming my skin from a young age? Yes.

Now I know that natural tan = certain wrinkles, I am taking extra precautions on holiday this year. I’ve stocked up on factor 50 for my face (I’ve got tubes from Skinceuticals, Kiehls and Caudalie ready for the suitcase) and have turned to fake tan (in the shape of Xen Tan) to get a summer glow from a bottle this time. I’ve actually started using the SPF in Britain every day now, as you’re always reading about how those damaging rays can even penetrate heavy cloud. I’m not taking any chances. Here are the products I’m using:

Caudalie Soleil Divin SPF50
This fabulous moisturising formula makes your face feel velvety without any stickiness.

Simply carry out your normal skincare regime and smear this cream over the top of your moisturiser (or use in instead, as I sometimes do). It's a bit sticky but I actually find this helps my foundation to cling better. I just finish off with a dusting of powder.

A high-protection sunscreen with a silky smooth consistency. It feels like a bonus skincare stage rather than a chore. 

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