Monday, 9 March 2015

Banish breakouts, prevent their return

If your skin is anything like mine, it will be a fairly pleasant dream one day and a veritable nightmare the next. There are many things that can affect how your skin behaves; stress, lack of sleep, pollution and poor diet to name but a few. Fortunately, there is a treatment that can help to keep it on the straight and narrow: Murad Blemish Clearing Solution.

Unlike other topical acne treatments, it isn’t packed full of alcohol, which can make your skin flare up. The gel-like formula actually calms your skin down as it works, reducing redness and relieving sensitivity.  It seems to reduce the oiliness too, which is a blessing. You can use it on your face, neck and chest, which is handy for the monthly breakouts I tend to endure.

Obviously, different things work for different people, but this is something I find really effective. Actually, 96% of users had clearer skin after using it for 72 hours.

Murad is a great skincare brand; definitely worth checking out if you haven’t tried their products yet.

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