Friday, 10 April 2015

Monki Business

Monki helped me remember there was life after a four-day weekend by throwing a wonderful party on Wednesday night. Celebrating their new and improved store at 37 Carnaby Street, music was provided by Mapei and the Braid Bar were busy plaiting everyone’s hair into designs so elaborate that ‘watch You Tube braiding tutorials’ is now top of my to-do list this weekend. Monki is always a great spot for on-trend, fun pieces and pretty good for basics too – I love my high-waisted Monki jeans so much - I just realised I wore every day this week. There were several pieces from their new collection that caught my eye (khaki pleated skirt, floaty, 70’s style yellow kaftan) but the party was pumping so hard that I thought it would be best to go back another time to do a proper shop. That’s number 2 on the weekend plan.  

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