Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Peaches and Erol Alkan at Durrr

I was intending to wait until New Years Eve to party but guess what? I, along with what seemed like the youth population of London, decided that Monday night was party night and headed to Durrr at the End. 'But Peaches is dj-ing' was all it took to persuade a (similarly good-intentioned) friend to come along.

With the exception of Disneyland, I have never embarked on a queue as long as the one last night. It was really something to behold, spilling and curving its way through and around West Central Street and beyond. Guest-list, non guest-list, the Obligatory Hopeful, we all queued together for something that, fortunately turned out to be well worth it.

It was refreshing to see the non-Geldof Peaches back with a vengeance. She was the (massively) non-conformist Belle of the Ball dressed Boadicea-style in an outfit fashioned from little else but hair. She ended her set by belting out a classic eighties love dance ballad balanced atop the dj booth.

What else in the teaches of peaches?

Peaches shows me some hair

Jodie, friendly and fabulous as ever. This is how we show each other affection. No, really!

Is Jodie holding this empty wine bottle? I can't tell. Worrying.

My mate Victor looking seductive (sort of!)

Queue faces

This riot of colour was much lauded - for good reason.

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