Friday, 16 July 2010

Ivy and Lil’s Awesome Adventures

Join amazing Octogenarians Ivy and Lil in their quest to complete 25 off-the-wall tasks before they turn 100! By day they are seamstresses for White Stuff but the rest of the time they are charity fundraisers. For every mental task they successfully complete (so far DJ-ing with Groove Armada) £1000 will be donated to the White Stuff Foundation.

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Lil: Hi everyone, we’ve been White Stuff’s seamstresses for nearly 25 years, and we don’t mind telling you we’re both in our 80’s! So when White Stuff set me and Ivy the challenge of raising £25,000 for the White Stuff Foundation, we jumped at the chance to help the young ‘uns.

Ivy: Our challenge is to do 25 things that everyone should do before they turn 100!
For every extraordinary (and sometimes dangerous!) thing we do, White Stuff will donate £1000 to the White Stuff Foundation, a charity which supports disadvantaged young adults and kids.

Lil: You can follow our adventures on Twitter as we DJ with Groove Armada to start to raising the £25,000 needed for charity!

Ivy: You can read all about the White Stuff Foundation and how our £25,000 raised will help look after the kids.

Lil: Don’t forget to join in the fun and sign up for our tweets to hear more about our outrageous adventures!

Love Ivy and Lil


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