Thursday, 8 July 2010

Perez Hilton's One Night in London

I have been a fan of Perez Hilton for years now so when I heard he was hosting a ‘One Night in London’ event I jumped at the chance to go along. Held at the O2 Indigo venue, opening acts included a show choir (which we missed thanks to Sunday Replacement Services!), the Hoosiers and Diana Vickers. These ones were not really my cup of tea my friend and I spent some time in the swish upstairs bar sipping vodka sodas before heading out to the viewing gallery to watch Peaches.

The last time I saw this wild woman was at Durr club in Holborn where (a few months pregnant) she sang, screamed and bounded from floor to bar-top and back again. She began this set wearing what can only be described as a giant mop before stripping to reveal outfit after outfit (pictures below). Typically high-energy she worked the Kelis-anticipating crowd into a fervor before attempting to ‘Crowd Walk’ as she performed. A slim Perez looked on from the front of the stage. The view I had from the gallery were really incredible and I got some great birds-eye pics.

Before we (drunkenly) knew it, it was time for Kelis herself. She took to the stage in a skintight purple outfit and beaded wig; she looked like something straight from Studio 54. A true diva, she sang hit-after-hit including ‘Milkshake,’ my favourite ‘Millionaire’ and her latest ‘Acapella.’

A truly amazing evening – long-live the Queen of the Media!

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