Thursday, 18 November 2010

Boudoir PR, Hermes and Shoreditch House

After going to the Boudoir PR press day (lots of new, exciting things, Nail Rock nail wraps, Australian Zinc, Galibardy jewellery, more on these things later) I went along to the Hermes ‘J’aime Mon CarrĂ©’ ( party last night which was a lots of fun. It was a celebration of the iconic Hermes silk scarf and amazing band Warpaint performed live. Many guests attempted the thieving of the scarves that were strung up from the ceiling, wrapped around posts and draped casually over the band’s drum kit. None were successful (thanks to two particularly vigilant security guards) but some settled for a gold horse balloon instead. My friend Jeanie was one of their official bloggers and has taken some cool pictures:

Afterwards I went along to the EMA wrap party in Shoreditch House where I got all the goss on what happened behind the scenes (in the words of Sex and the City, ‘who was a bitch, who was a bigger bitch’) and ate pizza.

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