Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Only Way is Amy

Amy Childs is the maroon-haired glamour model in training from ITV2's unexpected smash hit, the Only Way is Essex. Meet my latest style fascination. Mistress of Vejazzling (and familiar in the fine art of Pezazzling, both techniques of gluing crystals to the groin region) and a fellow fan of animal print, it seems Amy is unfamiliar with terms such as 'smart/casual,' 'pale and interesting' or 'understated' but in a world in which Katie Price rules, this celebration of unabashed fakery works fantastically well. I just bought a plumping lip gloss, am going for a spray tan soon and am going to hunt for my Swarovski and eyelash glue tonight; it's a slippery slope that will only end in Faces...

'He's fit but he's just too jel!'


Amy begins her ascent to Jordanesque stardom

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