Sunday, 9 October 2011

A Sky Full of Kindness, Rob Ryan Book Launch

I’ve been a fan of paper-cutting hero Rob Ryan for years now so I jumped at the chance to attend the launch of his new book, A Sky Full of Kindness. In his interview with Stylist magazine, he describes the book as being “a tale of a fearful mother about to bring a child into the world in this age of anxiety."

The launch was held at 33 Portland Place, an amazing building infamous for its raunchy parties. This time though, things were kept clean (there were children present, after all) and crowds of people gathered to see the artist’s latest work hanging from the mansion’s peeling walls. The roughness of the surroundings juxtaposed wonderfully with the elegance and intricacy of Ryan’s work. The story detailed across the pages was touching, it will certainly resonate with anyone planning a family in these uncertain times. With Christmas approaching, I’ll be stockpiling these for gifts.

A Sky Full of Kindness is out 13 October (£16.99, Sceptre)

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