Sunday, 2 October 2011


Dr Howard Murad talks (about cells and things, not bright white light)

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The new Hybrids

The bloggers listen

I first discovered Murad products in Urban Retreat when I worked at Harrods (they are still stocked there). Most of my wages were spent in the pursuit of perfect skin! I got on really well with Murad’s Acne and Spots Solutions range. Since then, I’m ashamed to say I have deviated, trying out all sorts of different skincare brands and products (although it sort of goes with the territory, I suppose!).

When I heard Dr Howard Murad and his son, Jeff, had flown over from LA, I went along to the bloggers party at the Mayfair Hotel to find out about the latest Murad developments.

After watching an interesting video about the development of Murad and the effects our stressful, sedentary lifestyle can have on our skin, Dr Murad and Jeff shared some insights into their latest products. I have been using their newest moisturizer, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture. It’s rich and smoothing, absorbing really quickly into the skin. The new ‘Hybrids’, skin primers and under-eye products, are great too. The lightly pigmented primers are a brilliant alternative to my usual tinted moisturizer and they glide on beautifully. I love the Eye-Lift Perfector, it minimizes the appearance of dark circles and improves skin firmness by 50% in fifteen minutes. Definitely something I need these days.

Sorry for leaving you Murad, I’m a fan once more.

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