Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Chelsea Night Out

A newly avid viewer of Made in Chelsea and an enthusiastic early adopter of the lingo (yeah booiiiii!) I was excited to be invited to an evening of non-televisual Chelsea excitement. The evening began in Cocomaya, a place in which I enjoyed rye bread more delicious than any rye bread I had ever eaten before. 

We visited some amazing shops around Sloane square, Pavillion Road and Duke of York Square. There were so many cool places to see (I love Liz Earle and the massive Zara) but I particularly enjoyed Dodo, an amazing Italian jewellery shop boasting the most amazing interior design I had seen for a while.

The goody bag was tip-top and included a very grown up Yves Delorme candle, a KateSpade T-shirt and a particularly lovely shower gel by gorgeous perfumery Ormonde Jayne (I used to write about this brand at Harrods – it is majorly lovely).

After being driven around in tuk tuks (it is a hard life), we finished up in Gallery Mess, the Saatchi Gallery restaurant. We soaked up some bubbles, as you tend to in Chelsea and had some nibbles before returning to our North London digs. I’ll be back Chelsea, I’ll be back.

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