Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Innocent Inspires - Creativity

On October 1st October, I went along to the ‘Innocent Gallery’ in Shoreditch Studios to learn all about Creativity.

The final event in the brand’s inspiring series of talks hosted some very inspirational people. It was introduced by Innocent’s Head of Creative who shared some interesting ideas and showed us alternative names for ‘Innocent’ which included ‘Love Apple’, ‘Bambino’ and ‘Hula Hula’.

First up was some unique ‘Flutebox’ entertainment from Nathan Lee. It’s hard to describe how amazing this was; certainly a first for my eyes.

Next writer and performer John-Paul Flintoff shared his thoughts on creativity and played some improvisation games. He told us that when it comes to creativity, it can be more powerful to be obvious rather than creative and that sometimes ‘creativity needs restriction’.

I was so excited to see that Benjamin Zephaniah was on the list of speakers. He came to my school in Brussels and inspired me as a child and, I was happy to find, did the same thing now, at least 17 years later! These were some of my favourite quotes:

“I love words, I love playing with words. I love words because we all have them.”
“(words are) the most democratic art form.”
“Every day you will say a sentence you will never say again. Poetry reminds you.”
“Every story should have a beginning, a muddle and an end” (this was one of Benjamin’s favourite quotes).

Kate Moross was fabulous; articulate and straightforward. She stressed the importance of communication, simplicity, speed and…watching more TV! My favourite quote from Kate was “Make your problem better and you will have a better solution.”

Although nervous about public speaking (I would have been too!) Rob Da Bank was the reason many people attended. The Radio 1 DJ and founder of Bestival shared some gems in an interview format.

Learn more about Innocent Inspires and watch all the videos here.

Dan, Innocent Head of Creative 

How Innocent could have looked!


John-Paul Flintoff

Benjamin Zephaniah

Innocent hats

Kate Moross

Rob Da Bank

That Lionel Richie head

Benjamin Zephaniah fields a toughie!

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