Saturday, 30 August 2014

Magic Wire: Triumph’s Service to Womankind

It gets to the end of the working day and you've got an exciting evening ahead of you. You’re going to a party at the Ham Yard Hotel, which you already know is a haven of gorgeous armchairs and linen walls. It’s all going to be wonderful. But something is wrong. Something is poking into your sides like a niggling buzzkiller. The pain is not inconsiderable, and promises to worsen. It’s your bra wires. Okay, maybe you didn't hand wash it like you were supposed to, but that is no reason for this kind of punishment. Taking the bra off is not an option, unless you want to scare the nice(ish) people of Soho with your exhausted, swinging baps. Painful as they are, those bra cups are the best place for them.

Fortunately, the party I was attending was for Triumph, celebrating a new product launch, ‘Magic Wire.’ Along with the ubiquitous foodie treats and wine, there was the promise of a bra fitting. Just the idea of removing my double-cupped torture garment made the tourist-laden walk from Piccadilly Circus tolerable.

The Triumph showcase was in a private suite and some gorgeous models of varying shapes and sizes showed off the latest collection. A deconstructed bra was on display, too. The new styles are completely wire-free. Support is offered by a silicon insert which, unlike metal, is completely flexible and comfortable to wear. It’s so flexible, in fact, that as Triumph’s head of product design demonstrated, you can actually tie it in a knot (a statement which immediately reminded me of the song ‘Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you wrap them round your neck like a smelly rotten egg,’ immature, I know).

All joking aside, this is an impressive invention. I was initially dubious about the level of support this silicon insert could offer – could it really rival metal? My doubts were laid to rest in the fitting. After casting my evil boulder holder to one side, I slipped on the new Triumph Contouring Sensation bra. Not only did it fit me like a glove, it was the softest things I had ever experienced. I learnt that was down to the ‘Lycra Beauty’ fabric it was made up of. It looked sexy, and felt it too. There was a slight gap between my boobs and rib cage (everyone knows a well-fitting bra should sit flush to your ribcage in the middle) but I was assured this was the correct fit for this style.

I went home a very happy girl indeed, with the bra in tow. To this moment I have no idea why I didn’t wear it home, but it made it all the more blissful the next day, and worked a treat under a T-shirt. I fully intend to buy the whole range and suggest you do too. The collection is reasonably priced (around £38 ish for a Magic Wire bra) but I would have happily parted with much more. But don’t put your prices up Triumph, with Magic Wire you have done a wonderful service to womankind. I salute you.

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