Sunday, 21 September 2014

To Bob or not to Bob?

I love the idea of long, mermaid-like locks, but for some reason, whenever my hair reaches a certain length, I possess an all-encompassing desire to chop the whole lot off. I have no idea why. This fashion week, I explained my issue to the team at the TONI&GUY team. Every season, Toni and Guy set up camp in Somerset house, to attend to the tresses of journalists and bloggers. We learn about new products and try out some of the styles that the TONI&GUY team have been creating backstage for the London Fashion Week shows. It turns out that the ‘fake bob’ is a big trend and, they offered to show me how it was done.

After washing my hair with delicious-smelling shampoo and conditioner from the Label.m ‘Hair Therapy’ range, my stylist cut me a style with lots of layers – the perfect way to keep the length of my hair but giving it a new lease of life. She then added some protein cream and rough dried my hair. She paid more attention to the front, blow-drying it forwards before pushing it to the side, creating a fashionable low side parting.

When it was dry, she sprayed some Label.m Texturising Volume Spray into the roots and backcombed. Then came the creation of the fake bob. My stylist rolled the back of my hair under, securing it tightly with an array of kirby grips and wider pins. When she was sure it wasn’t going anywhere (the backcombing seriously helped) she started to pin the remaining sections under too. When the desired shape had been created, she started pulling a few sections out to make it look more natural.

The end result was so realistic, then when I texted my boyfriend to show him a photo, he thought I’d gone for the chop. He was relieved to find it was all a trick (it’s true, all the men I know prefer long locks!). TONI&GUY came through again, creating a look which made me feel great, even when running the gauntlet of ubiquitous street-snappers and hot young things outside the London Fashion Week tent. 

Preparing for the chop

The desired effect

Cut complete

I do still love it long!

The roll at the back formed the structure of the fake bob

The end result!

Realistic, no?

Still a bit tempted to do it for real...

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